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This instance is proudly hosted on Hetzner in Germany. Good stuff. If you need to contact an administrator, send a DM to @dean or email the email address listed above.

The character limit on this instance is 1,000 characters, and the file size limit is 50M. Please be responsible with large uploads as they get cached on other instances too, we recommend that large files should be uploaded to a file host and linked in your post.

The domain is registered through Porkbun as of 2021-05-11.

The CDN provider for this instance's media is BunnyCDN with the US, EU, and AP zones active. Traffic from Russia and China gets rerouted to the cheapest node.

The main website used to be proxied through CloudFlare, but proxying was disabled on 2020-06-10. We plan to move DNS from CloudFlare to Hurricane Electric DNS or another provider eventually.

This instance does not federate with hidden service instances (aka. Tor instances).


These rules are very basic and only serve as a guide. Administrators reserve the right to delete your account or content posted by your account at any time for any reason they see fit to the extent permissible by law.

All content is stored in Germany on Hetzner dedicated servers, and as such you must conform to Germany's laws and Hetzner's policies.

  1. No illegal, harmful, offensive, or fraudulent content.
  2. No copyrighted content or content that misappropriates the IP of others.
  3. No viruses/malware/computer harming things.
  4. No child pornography or jail bait.
  5. No automated/bot accounts for the sole purpose of advertising, scraping, or spamming.

Additionally, any NSFW content that is not marked sensitive (images) or does not have a content warning attached (text) is not tolerated. Please report NSFW toots that are not censored, or any content that you feel doesn't belong on this instance.

Automated accounts are accepted as long as they follow the above rules. Please be extra careful with bots that may automatically post NSFW content.

Blocked Instances

We do not block other instances unless they were made specifically for things like data scraping and spam, or are centered around unwanted content (i.e. illegal content, violence).

We do not reject media from other instances unless a high volume of unwanted media originates from them.

A list of current blocked instances and rejected media instances (with reasons) can be found in the Moderated Servers section on this page. If you would like an entry added to or removed from this list, please contact an administrator.

Decisions are made on a per-instance basis as per the administrator's discretion.

Mastodon Version

This instance strives to run the most recent stable version of Mastodon (not prereleases) with a few quality-of-life patches:

  • Character limit increased from 500 to 1,000.
  • Posts from muted accounts appear in lists.
  • "Hide bots" option added to local and federated timeline columns.
  • Content-Security-Policy allows script-src 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline' (performed through NGINx).

We will update this instance within a week after a new Mastodon release. You can find out what version this instance is running at the bottom of this page (the about page).

We do not guarantee to always be running the latest version. Sometimes we forget to upgrade, or there's a bug preventing us from upgrading. You can contact an administrator if the instance is running outdated software for more information.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
baraag.net High volume of lolis
idolheaven.org child models
pawoo.net High volume of lolis

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
crypto-group-buy.com Advertising, follow spam
freak.university pedophilia
hentai.baby pedophilia
newjack.city Data scraping
weedis.life Follow spamming