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Remember that the Fediverse is defined not by any particular software, but by a protocol, a specification which allows software to communicate with other software and be understood. There's many open protocols - e.g. HTTP or IRC, but the one we use on fedi is called ActivityPub. It's an open specification, you can read it yourself!

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On fedi, on most popular instance software, you can set your account to be locked, so that people who want to follow you must send a request, which you can then approve or reject. You can also set the visibility level of each post when you send it. Remember that these two features are related, but not totally tied together - you can post a followers-only post when anyone can follow you, and you can post a globally accessible post when your account is locked!

#feditips #fedifacts

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i'm legally a girl, which suggests that at some point i was illegally a girl, which is cyberpunk as fuck

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thinkin about trying out a femme name like the humongous egg that I am

@Craftplacer Every day I wish for that... I mean, Windows is getting GUI Linux app compatibility, maybe some day we'll SOMEHOW get WM compatibility?

Yeah I used it
it's not that bad, bit of a pain in the ass having to redefine zones to resize windows, but I like it

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"shitposting" in german would be called "Scheißhäften" and I'm glad nobody ever said that

@lain Yeah, but they're also saying that Eth will be switching to PoS sooner than expected, maybe L2 will not even be necessary?

@lain It's still total pain, can't wait for EIP-1559 and ETH 2.0...

But actually the thing I'm waiting for the most is Cardano Goguen

I wanna get into audio gear and further into mech boards...

Why must my hobbies be so expensive

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Gender was an invention by the joint collaboration of Big Bathroom and Big Clothing to sell us more bathrooms and clothes.

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