Hmmmm so
How to grow filesystem on a Pi SD card? :cirnothinking:

How to trick webpack into running with just 1 GiB memory :thounking:

@koakuma Maybe esbuild or swc would be more efficient?

@zed Uh, no idea how to use any of those, sorry. Any guides I can use on how to use them to replace webpack?

I just want to install this:
But it seems that the build/startup process involves running webpack and it consumes a lot of memory.


@koakuma Oof, yeah, if you want to run someone else's codebase then you're a bit SOL. You'd have to change up their build process. Maybe you could compile it on a different computer and copy the built files on the RPi?

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@zed Yeah that is what I did
Will see if it works once I get the compilers themselves running

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