tfw you forgot to turn boost confirmation on :/

tfw go(o)d lock 2018 is fucked in the head and errors

discord is a big meme and they updated their terms that will require you to "sue" through an arbitrator after 30 days
(insert discordsalt.png here)

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I broke the vps through hyper-v aaaaaaa

will still stay here for a while. migration borked

Oh heck, low on battery. Hopefully there is no battery level annoyer thingy out here on the fediverse.

Tfw someone follows you but you don't follow anyone

Hey @everyone on the fediverse! I heard you all like to uwu!

You know the only little problem with mastodon? Having Slovak but not Czech :/

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Microsoft buys GitHub, wouldn't suprise me if they buy GitLab next.

TBH nothing wrong with them buying GitHub, so I'm staying.

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