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if you were having sex with someone and they yelled "oh baby im a few framie wamies away from hitting that fast nut" would that be fucked or what

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You may contact me here or at Discord (taciturasa#4365) if you would like anything you made added!

I release this concept and all designs under the CC0 license. Use how you wish, and remove me how you want.

Here's some custom emojis!

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Purple - A mix of blue and red/pink - This is the mixing of gender concepts like femininity, masculinity, or androgyny. It represents a playful and happy lack of restraint with these concepts; even if some of these concepts do not apply to you, you may feel no qualms with breaking their rules or feeling them occasionally.

It is in the middle, as a circle instead of a line, and warps the concepts around it. This is due to the transgressiveness of it, as well as its refusal to play by heavily gendered rules.

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Off-Black - An intentional disconnect from the ideals of gender dictating humanity, but one that is pleasant and not as stark as it may seem. Also represents the reclamation of concepts of depersonalization or dehumanization, especially in regards to the gender construct. A "void" by design. It surrounds the flag, as it is the point in which all these other beautiful and powerful ideas reside.

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White - This represents a positive lack of connection to the concept of gender. White is bright, airy, and carefree.

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Orange and Blue - Based on the direct inverses on the color wheel of the blue and pink on the trans flag, this direct conflict represents an existence directly contrary to the concept of gender.

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This is different from being nonbinary - instead of saying that you exist somewhere in-between or off to the side, it can be somewhat confrontational or detached from these ideals, opting to express a sense of self that is completely diverted from the gender construct itself.

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Antigender experiences can be angry, they can be playful, they can be experimental, they can be explorative. Neopronouns, it/its pronouns, emoji pronouns, voidpunk ideology, etc. can all fall under the term.

The only constant is that they all exist in contradiction to the social construct of “gender”.

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This can stem from an anger towards how society treats an understanding or personal connection to gender as an inherent need to be human. It can also simply be the result of not having a way to understand or fully cement some understanding of such a concept for yourself, or a desire to be seen as someone with more important qualities.

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After some thought, introducing "antigender"

Not a concrete identity, it's a term that encompasses confrontational/averse concepts about gender like:

* feeling detached from gender as a construct
* embracing dehumanization
* neurodivergent experiences with gender


Explanation below.

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So after they announced the "GitHub Archive Program" at GitHub Universe, On the 15th of January I made a repository with an image of my left testicle, Only recently I got confirmation that it made it in the snapshot, So...
My left testicle is preserved in a massive archive of source code,

This is the best news I have heard this entire yeaar

@00dani @hierarchon so here's the thing

1) i completely, loudly disagreed when it was first proposed to rename it
2) then i realised "perl 6" is its deadname. raku is trans y'all

Blocktogether shutting down is really scary so I may end up on the fediverse more and more

PeerTube is the Fediverse's own video network:


Because it's part of the Fediverse, you can watch, follow, share, like and comment on PeerTube from Mastodon if you prefer. You can also embed PeerTube videos on websites.

PeerTube's site explains more: joinpeertube.org/

They are currently crowdfunding the latest version, which will support live streaming: joinpeertube.org/roadmap

#PeerTube #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Streaming #Video #YouTube #Twitch #LiveStreaming #p2p

Dealing with ableism 

Guess I'm starting on really using masto this week

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HELP! Hubby Keeps Inserting Full Rows of Cookies Into His Ass

TL;DR Title is self-explanatory.

Ever since my husband and I first met, he's said that Chewy Chips Ahoy are his comfort food. I didn't press the issue at the time, but now I barely get half th

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