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As a...
I want to...
Inline literally every function possible
So that...
You go insane figuring out if you’ve seen this function before

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ATTENTION: We have secretly installed 20 unlicensed copies of Oracle DB across your organisation's network. Send 10 bitcoin to the following address within the next 7 days and we'll tell you where. Otherwise, we'll tell Oracle's licensing department.

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I wonder if anyone’s done research on UserFS.framework, the FUSE-like thing that handles mounting external filesystems on iOS 🤔

its XPC bundle even ships with an internal “known plugins” plist, including fuse and “casfs”

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Obviously, the main shortcoming of the Scratch development ecosystem is the lack of a robust cryptography library.

Until now!

Here's x25519 ECDH key exchange, blake2s hashing, and ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD - in Scratch

thinking about making the most infuriating architecture ever (27-bit word, 14 bit char) just so I can file lengthy GitHub issues about how their code makes assumptions that no C dev should

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despite the.. rather numerous incidents with Matrix previously, gotta say that spaces are absolutely one of the nicest things to come out of it all! everything feels so much more nicely organized than communities previously

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go to when on a network without it blocked for easy bookmarking, or just copy 'data:text/html,<script>google={visualization:{Query:{setResponse:o=>document.write(atob(>e.c[0].v).join("")))}}}</script><script src=""></script>' into your address bar

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TIL that the Atmosphère custom firmware for Switch has a specific license carve-out for …Nintendo

wonder what the story is there

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This is the most terrifying list of password "security" requirements I've ever seen.

Like, way to ensure that I'll definitely use a unique password for you, BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois; are you pulling cleartext passwords from Excel before appending to a string passed to the mainframe equivalent of exec?

woah - the official Mastodon client for iOS is so nice to use! looking forward to the next version, will look mighty nice on an iPad 👀

aah, I haven't used this in forever :(
how are y'all doing?

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Talking about Go 1.16, this is a release to be excited about. Here are some of my personal highlights:

- fs.FS interface. This should make a bunch of filesystem operations agnostic to the underlying storage service.

- Clean up of 'go get' vs 'go install'

- Embedding files into binaries
- Smaller binaries
- Faster linking
- darwin/arm64 support

Find more exciting changes here:

so what are you awesome people up to today?

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