@moarrensis obligatory “you need a cheese grater to make pizza”

Cannot escape this on bird site!

aah, I haven't used this in forever :(
how are y'all doing?

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@noren certainly :/ perhaps my lack of followers too lol, other people seem to be fairly active

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Talking about Go 1.16, this is a release to be excited about. Here are some of my personal highlights:

- fs.FS interface. This should make a bunch of filesystem operations agnostic to the underlying storage service.

- Clean up of 'go get' vs 'go install'

- Embedding files into binaries
- Smaller binaries
- Faster linking
- darwin/arm64 support

Find more exciting changes here: golang.org/doc/go1.16

so what are you awesome people up to today?

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Oh sweet - turns out it wasn't DNS but the fact v4 was improperly configured. (This is what I get for being primarily IPv6...)

Hi, @spotlight@blog.joscomputing.space!

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Hm.. federation's still not working for some unknown reason. going to blame DNS as always ._.

it's so easy to theme though! I'm loving it, it's so flexible yet so straightforward

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today I got around to migrating from Jekyll to WriteFreely!

Needs a fair amount of theming... additionally, the fediverse aspect of it appears to be broken at the moment. guess it's time to see if I'll stick with it ;p

I threw tayga up for NAT64 and life is pretty decent! This is actually usable for day-to-day usage, might just stick with it eventually..

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hi from an IPv6-only network! :D
I’m tunnneling a /64 from my own range and radvd is purring with hostapd on a Raspberry Pi 4 (2 gb ram):

things learnt:
- I knew Twitter and GitHub did not have v6, but the entirety of Stack Exchange and DuckDuckGo too??
- all of Apple + Akamai’s ranges have no ROA, to which I dropped invalids _and_ lack of and did not notice for quite a few hours
- OwO Beta properly supports v6 \o/
- some of my own things are very broken with it

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the golden rule of software design: if Jira does it, do not even consider doing it.

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