is this to be read as "please don't, you can copy us but still please don't and we won't tell you how either"

can we get a cursed API flowchart page or something because this hurts so much to look at

no, I was expecting the Spotify Web API to actually interface with iTunes

Bisected: The Unfortunate Reason Linux 4.20 Is Running Slower

(submitted by deafcalculus)

Yesterday I posted about federated GitHub-like experiences, and a lot of you responded mentioning

Today, Drew DeVault announced their public alpha:


cpu on a machine is read as 255 C and it never fails to make me laugh when the fans go on full blast and wipe out everything within a 15 meter radius

top 10 questions that, honestly, still no clue on what this is

Left the PowerBook G4 on the floor, and well, forgot about what carpet does with heat

58 C is just stress testing, right?

This person has run Linux on their HDD[1], streamed anime to a digital photoframe[2], used an optical mouse as a camera[3] and programmed the LED lighting on their keyboard to play snake[4]

Honestly amazing


"Vulnerability analysis of secure USB flash drives"

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Saw this on Reddit but.. it's real

macOS Siri thinks it's of iPhone X or above

this is worse than HomePod identifying as iPhone4,1

Free Wifi at a Restaurant Alignment Chart

Act now, and get "How to Choose The Video Driver Right For YOU!" and other top hits by Linus Torvalds for 5 small donations to the Linux Foundation.

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Was just told by an overly insistent person Google is federally funded. Literally done with everything right now.

(and while parts of them are, they're just a giant all by themselves.)

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