I don't have ideas for new design of my website >w<

I should fix *pic related*

tfw when they define colonialism as โ€œan ideaโ€

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.@POTUS@twitter.com: โ€œEvery other nation you can define by their ethnicity, their geography, their religion, except America. America was born out of an idea.โ€

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Popularny na lewicowym tt @PolanskiL_@twitter.com ostrzega โ€žtrans-mordeczkiโ€œ, ลผeby โ€žuwaลผali na siebieโ€œ, bo za oferowanie dzieciom hormonรณw (w zamian za pedofilskie zdjฤ™cia) mogฤ… zostaฤ‡ zgล‚oszeni na Policjฤ™ przez @WaldemarKrysiak@twitter.com. โ€žLubi toโ€œ @AM_Zukowska@twitter.com, posล‚anka @__Lewica@twitter.com. Brak mi sล‚รณw.

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