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breakfast at 3:30 pm

I fucked my biological clock

cold shower at 3am

i’m like and hate it both

I don't have ideas for new design of my website >w<

I should fix *pic related*

Apple Music for Android has transcended lossless

-1 bit 0.0kHz NULL


my mental health is still poor but i'm trying to life as before

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Fakty TVN (part of Discovery Group) made a pretty nice material about Demi Lovato coming out, inviting some actual non-binary people (Sybil Grzybowskie @mykofanes from Neutral Language Council - the team behind i.a., and Anton Ambroziak from

It has been silently removed. Website returns an HTTP 404 page now. At the time of writing, Atende CDN seems to successfully return the video from the URL saved by,96/demi-lovato-mowi-ze-jest-osoba-niebinarna,1061387.html

collective’s announcement:

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