i spent the evening memorising the locations of 110 largest countries by area on the world map

i'm a huge fan of no man's sky but i only recently discovered there are actually player-made "companies" that have done some really impressive stuff like achieve omni-galactic status (basically having a base in all 255 universes) and discovering ultra rare star systems

why am i on dean's mastodon all of a sudden? because i've been exiled from twitter

gotta keep reminding myself not to jump onto bandwagons when it comes to certain kinds of software and while yes privacy concerns are most definitely valid i should just evaluate every piece of software according to my own rubrics and use cases

i've been keeping my streak with daily journal entries for 51 days now and the clarity this routine activity is actually pretty encouraging

are there any speech-to-text libraries that are actually decent at transcription i just tried a couple of example repos to test the waters and it could barely parse a single word from my voice

2 mini projects in 2 weeks! feeling a bit guilty since they're all nodejs but at least i got some coding into my system

it's a little.. sad? when nobody reaches out (although that applies to irl circles too)

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if anything, this digital exile has taught me that my other online "brand" doesn't equate to real tangible lasting friendships aside from temporary connections that are only borne from the daily hustle of interactions

i tried 3D printing a figurine the other day, for my first foray into the craft it's less scuffed than i expected (but just the right amount to feel like I've got a lot more to work on)

eris and opus were very uncooperative so i spent an entire night writing a discord soundboard bot for my friend's server but it's worth it seeing the fun we're gonna have with it (and abusing it, naturally)

had something explode in my face for the first time in my life (a buck converter)

i'm so incredibly annoyed at how i either have to take a 1h ride to the city area just so i can buy anything remotely close to an electrical component since hardware stores near my place seem to only stock nothing but the dumbest of home supplies like extension plugs, or i have to order them off shopee which SHOULD be a local marketplace except everything comes from china anyway so they take 20 years to arrive

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most of my digital exile rn has been spent napping and having a love-hate relationship with my new 3D printer

so how do i host a VPN server from my home so i can tunnel to my servers from school

pyra is back and ready to get tinkering baby i'm tired of twitter and everything about it it's time to create

cool kids hang out away from prying eyes


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