alice and bob sure are hiding a lot of secrets..

in a world where you can choose to be whatwver you want, why does a majority of our population choose to be a complete and utter dumbass

I stand across from my rival in the center of town. The time reads 11:59. In a few seconds, one of us is leaving.

The clocktower strikes 12:00 and the ring of a bell shakes the ground

We both draw our guns. I compliment him on his shading technique.

"gauze" has the worst name. It doesn't sound like a cloth, it sounds like a thick adhesive. Whoever named it that is stupid and I hate you.


people say instagram is bad for mental health but what about git??

boutta pop a tab and listen to Nahvalr in my basement

i hold up
before untying the bow
that held this foo together.

a boring book:
get more leaves by ordering it bruh

a kodak album of old-ass
black construction paper

almost forgot wakey wakey

dude next to me in class is looking at pictures of garlic on google images

what if tick tock was caller dick cock. that would be funny i think

finally got the autumn breeze. its all coming together

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