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Me going to sleep: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me waking up: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

inscryption was so fun, i wish card games were real

tips for new fedi users 

As an Engineer, build Dispensers to provide your teammates with health and ammo. They also generate metal for you to use.

i had a dream that my dreams were formatted in markdown instead of HTML, and thats why I don't have as many dreams as I used to


"using 1gb of ram for my chat app in background is not that much, most computers have 8-16gb ram anyway" operates on the same idea as the high school teachers who go "reading 40 pages and solving 20 problems is not that much, you can get it done in 2 hours" and completely ignore that the other 13 teachers had the same idea and now you have 28 hours of homework to do

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@trunk Please add me to Cyberpunk, Distributed Networks, Free Software, Friendly People, Furry, Gemini, Humor, LGBTQI

committing eco-terrorism in animal crossing as i introduce foreign plant and insect species to my island (they are a natural predator to a majority of my population, and as a result have become an invasive species)

everyone always jokes about the 21st night of september, or waking up when september ends, but i have yet to see anyone mentioning that they're the one who killed them all. they survived after the fall.

I have to keep my Pull Request game up, today's missadventures include the following

the masculine urge to tresspass in the paris catacombs and never return

currently getting random ideas to try in order to decode the liber primus, causing me to become restless in bed when im trying to sleep

webcomics really is just dumbass randos posting an update link like "o damn here's today's page guys srry its late i wsa eating cheese in front of the fridge and lost track of time lmaooo" and then you're obliterated by the most raw fucking storytelling you've ever seen

someone: hello my name is
me, to my brain: ok gotta remember that. it's important

me, five minutes later: what was this person's name
my brain: pegi sixteen. give me a scotch and soda
me: no
my brain: breaker one nine we got a tall lady
me: no!!
my brain: jills dootweeb

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