.@bbpoltergiest@twitter.com happy birthday stefan

why are you guys still trying to invest in dogecoin it literally just inflates, all the time

Have a Nice Life - Time of land 2021 Remaster came out yesterday why the hell did no one tell me

just shoved my large intestine out my ass šŸ‘

dont search "19 miles northwest of Milwaukee"
worst mistake of my life

an album cover but its an among us crewmate

who is mechanical hands and why does he hold jurisdiction over everything

bla bla something about infant blood and beelzebub taking the prince to hell

im gonna shove a bunch of eggs up my ass like the guy with the jar and then lay them in a field for all the easter children to do an egg hunt

uh @StackOverflow@twitter.com please tell me this is an april fools joke

girls dont care about you or your feelings, they only want your boar vessel 500-600 b.c. etruscan ceramic

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