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"you have a lot of issues dude!" ok open a PR then

Just wish I could find someone who would cut me up and send my limbs through the fish tube

wasnt able to find the original (if there even is one) so i just made my own. shitty edit but gets the job done

Anyone got a good fediverse client that *isn't* based on electron and doesn't use Material Design theme

If you were experiencing issues with webDAV on Yestercities, it should all be fixed now! Plus, I added a native file manager that uses gemini's titan sister protocol.

Boss: Let’s put this matter aside for the time being

Me: [looking around nervously] Can only you see the time being?

Boss: Huh?

Me: Is it standing near me?

Boss: Who?

Me: [on verge of panic attack] the time being

oh to be a dwarf digging away at the earth while singing songs about digging away at the earth

why would i want to free palestine? he turned anakin to the dark side

limbo is a plr_highertower server and they let you out once you deliver the payload

miss lockpicking lawyer, in bed: wow that was great, you're so good with your hands
LPL: let's do it again to show that it was not a fluke

what do you mean "let it snow" ?
i do not hold jurisdiction over the weather

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