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Boys who wear their hair long, like the Beatles did - according to J Wilkie Davey, Principal of Toronto's Bathurst Heights Secondary School, 1967

implicitly, the guy who slapped macron - according to the daily mail (because he had a copy of mein kempf)


it's hard to have an avatar that is at once ridiculous and nazi and legal in uwuland. We'd be willing to go to court in germany to defend the right to mock nazis in germany though in principle.

but if this one isn't kosher for some reason we are absolutely willing to use another one.

it's 2021 but apparently some people are still out of the loop so

do not use the term "fren"

here's a good place to start on why

it's a nazi/alt-right dogwhistle and i don't wanna see it. do not use it in any context. don't just stop using it around me but continue using it around others. just don't use it at all. if you hear someone else say it tell them to stop too. if they refuse to stop even after you have informed them then that should be raising some serious red flags

i am going to be implementing a block on sight no questions asked policy going forward

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