> Microsoft Windows 10 sends all new unique binaries for further analysis to Microsoft by default. They run the executable in an environment where network connectivity is available.

Is this what they call a free cloud computing environment :thinking_cirno: I believe it is!

I expect to see this exploited to the fullest extent possible

@amber I bet the bitcoin miner types are already abusing such facilities :02lurk:

@koakuma what the fuck. absolutely sickening. this is like dieselgate bad decision making. people should go to jail for this. people should fear for their safety for allowing this.

it's not ok to silently upload all executables to corporate. i wonder if microsoft keeps them. microsoft, biggest software pirate in the solar system.


#Windows is malware.

And I mean that without a trace of irony (only cynicism and sarcasm).

* it got its market share by underhanded & legally questionable means

* it harms its users

* has a command-and-control centre

* its raison d'être: an intent to make money no matter the consequences

* it's intentionally hard to remove, thanks to hardware anti-features mandated by M$ (how did they get that past anti-trust regulation!?)

Same goes for all cloud-y OSes closed against the user.

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