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So... I happen to have some personal builds of OpenJDK for my Gentoo/sparc64 install, and I figure that it might be useful for other Linux/sparc64 users out there (primarily as a bootstrap aid so you can build your own OpenJDK builds), so, I'll be sharing it here.

This is the github link for it (and patches and scripts I used to create the builds):

And this is the signing key for OpenJDK 11 builds:
(signify/minisign-style keys are very nice eh)

Also I'll be posting release updates etc. as a reply to this post :02lurk:

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There are CPUs with register Windows, but there are none with register Linux, register macOS, or register Android. This is proof that Windows is the superior OS :02smile:

Processor design will always be a fascinating topic. This screenshot alone looks like the layout of a city. Each district do one or a few specific things, what they're good at.


So apparently the light sensors inside human eyes can sense UV light, it's just the cornea and lens aren't transparent to it so the UV never reaches the sensory part of the eye? :cirnothinking:


swedtzerland and swissden
hotel california (it is known to the state of california to cause cancer or reproductive harm)


Espanyol speakers will see me fail horribly at learning Spanish :scared_satania:

Coming soon to Zig - inline switch cases.

The idea is simple: it converts a runtime-known value into a comptime-time known value by using a switch branch at runtime and duplicating the expression.

Kudos to Vexu for doing the initial implementation!

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