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So... I happen to have some personal builds of OpenJDK for my Gentoo/sparc64 install, and I figure that it might be useful for other Linux/sparc64 users out there (primarily as a bootstrap aid so you can build your own OpenJDK builds), so, I'll be sharing it here.

This is the github link for it (and patches and scripts I used to create the builds):

And this is the signing key for OpenJDK 11 builds:
(signify/minisign-style keys are very nice eh)

Also I'll be posting release updates etc. as a reply to this post :02lurk:

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There are CPUs with register Windows, but there are none with register Linux, register macOS, or register Android. This is proof that Windows is the superior OS :02smile:

That one gdb bugreport still manages to land spam emails :blobcatread:

So apparently the letter "V" is always pronounced like "U" in Latin?

Why do modern writings differentiate between the two then? :cirnothinking:

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Mi bezonas aliajn trinkaĵojn krom akvo kaj lakto!


Nenio krom akvo kaj lakto plaĉas al mi.

— ankaŭ @koakuma


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How to not anxious when meet new people search

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What is the difference between ethernet, internet, and planet?

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boooOOooo i'm a native french speaker and i put my swap file SPECIFICALLY in an other one spams UwU

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Q: If the UK was the empire where the sun never sets, what was the US then?

A: The empire where the Sun sells Unix workstations.

OpenJDK 17 is rilis :blobcatread:
I'll try to do a build on the weekend

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Akvo lakto akvo lakto
Bezonas aliajn trinkaĵojn :blobcatmeltcry:

Farigas flaaaaaaaŭnon denove hodiaŭ, ĉifoje kun vanila gustigilo
- - - - -
Making flaaaaaan again today, this time with vanilla flavoring

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