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actually sinophobia is trash and there's no justification for it

fuck off sinophobes

@kaz "X is a slur meant to silence us"

"damn I wish it worked shut the fuck up"

*meanwhile ignores the good work that anarchists and communists do because it's not sucking some old man's dick*

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calling somebody a tankie is a slur meant to silence communists and this is why leftism doesn't actually exist in the west

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idk if terf or tankie being so called slurs is funnier

imagine a nazi coming up to you like "nazi is a slur to silence us, we prefer race critical"

i really enjoy junpei calling you dude, bro, and man and acting like your wingman, i know it's a holdover from the male mc's path but it's great

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god junpei is so much better than yosuke, it's a little depressing

it's kinda funny seeing adults yell about how television corrupts youth when it really just prepares kids for stuff like alt humanism, transhumanism, social justice, and environmentalism while the "real" shit adults go on and on about is propaganda to murder people for wealth and weird sex shit like cheating on your partner/s or raping people

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i feel like the reason more kids wanna be trans now is because kids know what being transgender is

when i was a kid i didn't know u could do that shit, and then i found out and i was like "damn i wanna do that too"

after the revolution barbra streisand's mansion will be turned into a neat taco and seafood place

if gender is what's in your pants then i'm gonna start using the pronouns micro/penis

Under communism, there'll bread lines. That's how good the bread is gonna be

a premium feature of ADHD is needing somebody to tell me what to do but simultaneously hating being told what to do

Fuck your rules about being transgender I’ll tie my clit into an unknowable eldritch abomination like a balloon animal and ascend beyond your boring “hatchling” hypothesis you fucking dingus

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