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come to think of it all blessnd by faithless is kinda doodoo

Plat Y. Ple: The many Flavours of Autism (2021)

autism comes in many different flavours

imagine being dysphoric over the size of your shit

who knew frog watch would be my most popular toot

i'm a cute chubby femboy (morbidly obese)

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there's a bunch of sex ed posters hung up around my town, one of them reads "socks off? condom on!"

good to hear i don't need a condom to fuck my homies

did you know that baby platypi lick their mother's beek to strengthen their immune system?

>tfw no platypus-obsessed biologist gf

bruh i can't draw or play rocket league today, fuck is this

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in case you thought youtube treats it's creators equally, some artists get to bypass youtube's loudness normalization

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