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it's funny having someone learning your language talk about it because you have no idea wtf they're talking about

i got a flesh wound from a dull mandolin

parship is doing a marketing tactic where they take average pictures of average people with average cameras. quite eccentric i must say

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it's been two days since i migrated my minecraft account.

it already got locked.

you know with fasting you get really hungry and then ketosis sets in and all of the sudden you're not hungry anymore? it's the same with sex, you start getting uncontrollably horny and then all of the sudden you're only in it for the emotional part. yeah right.

being asexual is just a long-time state of no pussy

"wahh wahh you need a microsoft account to play minecraft now"

the difference between sketching on paper vs. sketching digitally feels like the difference between picasso and a 2nd grader

i don't understand postage stamps, like you're paying a bunch of money for a piece of paper that in itself is completely worthless and oh wait i get it now

every day hundreds of people favourite my replies but none of them follow me

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