i don't use the fediverse for half a day and all of a sudden i'm famous wtf

just got wave checked by a school child

you can tell where i lost the motivation to write this

movie about a guy being sent away to a prestige college but the college forces all the students to become trans but the protagonist is too manly and tries to let the world know and something about ethics and stuff because that usually what movies set in prestige campuses are about

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you know you've hit peak evolution when a molecule binding to a surface protein activates an enzyme that activates an enzyme which activates an enzyme whose job it is to put a piece of phosphorus on an enzyme to activate it

it's kinda like the industrial category for biologists

bacteriophage therapy is just sexually assaulting bacteria

melanin, more like felonin actually no that's not funny

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joe biden be like *joe biden noises*

can the government mandate the removal of everyone's third brain cell so we can all get back to wasting our time peacefully?

i don't like people with 3 brain cells. that third one always makes them freak out over meaningless shit like people using federation as intended

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