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i literally haven't touched facebook in over 7 years

man, i sure love chopping herbs and then washing my hands with herb-scented soap after

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black unix users be like mmmm grep soda

watched one episode of boondocks, i own every drug cartel in america now

some people treat as if i'm some genius subtlely calling out groups of people with what i post

it is over 2 kelvin in my room and i am dying please send help

so what i'm a bootlicker i'm just tryna get at the feet inside

i don't like people who think an idea being stupid is somehow a reason that it shouldn't be put into reality

i wonder what my friend's face would look like stretched to an ultrawide monitor

i have pogchamp nutting as my wallpaper

if you fucked you from a parallel universe is that masturbation or just narcisism

are you and you from a parallel universe the same person?

if you fuck yourself are you still a virgin because you took it from youreself and therefore still have it

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