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i keep seeing so many people on twitter talk about features they want on the site when mastodon/other fediverse applications have had those exact features they've been talking about for ages

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> lay in bed 20 minutes
> feel like waking up entirely: tired, and that I need to go back to laying in bed

I'm compiling Wine rn to apply some patches to try to get League of Legends working again

GOG on Linux rant 

I gave GOG another opportunity (because cheaper games) but the lack of a Linux client really makes it awful. I want achievements and cloud saves functionality (which is not available on third-party clients). Running Galaxy 2.0 through Wine is really slow and I don't want to run games that have a native Linux version under Wine.

Basically my situation:
- Steam: spend more but have flawless experience
- GOG: spend less but have a sub-par experience

Kinda tempted to make something with C++ and raylib

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at some point between yesterday and today, the windowing system in my Manjaro install changed from X11 to Wayland... how about no.

just finished Angel Beats... the ending :blobcry:

imma try to do something with GTK and Swift and no one can stop me

I've been reinstalling Windows 10 on a laptop that still has a mechanical hard drive. It's just pain :ablobheadshake:

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