oh well now it works, with hw accelerated transcoding too

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i've been trying to start a Jellyfin instance, but can't figure out how to make everything work with Docker :D

now that Twitter is going into full NFT mode, I will (hopefully) be more time here lol

gotta love btrfs. I've always dreaded resizing partitions, but with btrfs it was instantaneous lol

can't believe I'm reinstalling Windows (to dual-boot) after around 4 months of being Windows-free 😔

@InvoxiPlayGames Maybe .NET Framework 4.5 was the last version that doesn't introduce breaking changes? This is just a guess

distrohopped to ubuntu for a couple weeks. back to fedora lol

i love working on something productive for 1 minute, then doing anything else for 15 minutes and repeat

problems with wayland and qt apps 

@Hanuwu hmm I don't really like KDE that much, so I guess that my best option would be to go back to X11. thanks for the response! ^-^

problems with wayland and qt apps 

i feel like going back to x11 benefits me in some aspects:
- not having this problem
- not having to use discord on the web browser, because it fucking sucks to share the screen using the browser because it barely works lol

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problems with wayland and qt apps 

i started using Wayland on my setup today. had to install "qt5-wayland" for OBS to work under it, which started causing problems

1 - title bar of qt apps don't follow the system theme
2 - the cursor is way bigger than it should be when it hovers over a qt app

the only fix i've found is to remove qt5-wayland, but that's a no go

should i go back to x11? or is there any solution? (i've tried to install qgnomeplatform, but it applies the adwaita theme to the title bar rather than using the system theme and doesn't fix the cursor size)

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