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yay managed to set up a gitea instance without destroying my server :blobcatcomfy:


Thinking of switching from Windows 11 to Windows 10 LTSC 2021

The downside is that I'm too used to the UI in Windows 11, so going to Windows 10 will definitely feel like a downgrade

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extremely very mega hot take 

chat applications should not have a learning curve
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Torrenting rare content be like:

Downloading from 0 of 0 peers
229.5MB of 1.25GB (18.2%) - remaining time unknown

Mysterious peer with some amount of the data where did you go? How much data do you have? Will I ever see you again?


Spent the whole day setting up a modded Minecraft server, with offline mode and password authentication

I'm tired

one of the biggest tech companies doesn't know how to count time 

Counting time is hard

webdev css pain 

> fixes the height of a div
> width of the same div is now fucked

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psa, stolen from an uncaptioned screenshot 

Having a child has a 7% regret rate. Knee replacements have a 6-30% regret rate. Generally, surgeries have a 14% regret rate.

Transitions and trans related surgeries have a 1% regret rate.

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i am now remembering the time some random people who worked for large tech companies made an ios app that didn't let you do anything except say gm ("good morning") to other people, and included database credentials in the app, which was promptly compromised, and all of the users phone numbers were compromised, because the app used phone numbers for some reason, and then they put out a pithy fluffy statement in which they refused to accept any real responsibility

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Asking for donations after an accident to afford urgent healthcare, please boost 

electrods can only be used up to 20 times, and I can't pay for new ones as it's 20€ for 16 electrods (I have to use 4 each time) to be able to use my TENS as much as needed.

My meds don't help at all and I yell and cry out of pain a lot.

Any help is truly appreciated, even just a boost would mean a lot and save us.


Thank you so much for any support, sending all my love. 🖤


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it sucks having nuanced views on the internet

"systemd has the right goals but also has poor architecture: i like operating it but i don't like its underlying design" is so much harder to digest than "systemd good" or "systemd bad"

"sandboxing is good when done in a way that gives users the ability to control how their programs run, and doesn't have to make your computer locked down like iOS" is harder to digest than "sandboxing good' or "sandboxing bad".

"verified boot that lets users control the signing key allows users to verify that the boot sequence is what they want it to be, ensuring that their FDE isn't compromised; however, most existing implementations give vendors control that should belong to users" is harder to digest than "verified boot good" or "verified boot == DRM".

it's hard not to sound like a corporate shill, which is the opposite of what I'm trying to be whenever I start talking about security. Fossbros have given the entire FLOSS community these warped preconceived notions on what sandboxing, verified boot, and even Systemd are and aren't.
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also, mails from the iCloud backend itself ( go to spam lmao

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