This is the continuation of my last ara-ara post. When in doubt, always assume she knows :blobcatfearful:

[Jairou] Soto de Shiyou! Futari no Himitsu (Live!) [English] [MrBubbles]

genderbender curse 

This is a weird series of chapters where a successful guy turns a girl down, she curses him into becoming a girl and subsequently rapes him along with her brother. A perfectly normal thing in hentai land :blobcatfearful:

[Yuuki Tsumugi] Saiin Club ~The Time I Became A Girl And Got Creampied A Whole Bunch~ 1 [English] {Hennojin}


In this one two h-manga artists meet each other at a marriage interview and the inevitable happens. Make sure to take responsibility if you ever get into such a situation!

[Hitotsuba] Guuzen Matchmaking | A Chance Matchmaking (COMIC Anthurium 2020-04) [English] [CulturedCommissions] [Digital]

scary faces 


[Agata] Ane x Pako² [Kyuukyokuban] [English] (incomplete)

tired: Pizza are plants
wired: Elves are plants

[Marui Maru] 100-kai Jusei Dekiru kana? | Is it possible to cum 100 times? (COMIC Anthurium 2020-07) [English] [Dosweeg] [Digital]

@mrjunge is that you :blobcatsurprised:

[Kumano Tooru] Like the Snow (Torokete Mazatte) [English] [EHCOVE]

train molesting 

Imagination vs reality. MC gets turned into everyone's outlet for their pent-up lust.

[Indo Curry] Slut-Only Car ~BITCH ONLY~ [English]

lack of potency, watermelon breasts 

Andou Hiroyuki loves drawing absurd muscular bodies. In his works you're either a sex-crazed maniac or a nobody. I feel bad for both husband and wife.

[Andou Hiroyuki] Dosukebe Chinpo Dorei ~ Eigo Kyoushi Judy | Whore Cock Slave ~Judy, The English Teacher~ (comic KURiBERON DUMA 2019-01 Vol. 12) [English] [desudesu]


But that's not how it works :blobcatfearful:

[Hinemosu Notari] Boy with the Sailor Suit

succubus, heart-shaped pupils 

I love how her tail curls up into a heart form. As usual in these plots, smell fetish is rewarded with plenty sex with smelly men :blobcat_mlem:

[Nunnu] Heppoko Succubus no Shokuseikatsu (COMIC BAVEL 2020-07) [English] [xinsu] [Digital]


There's nothing that motivies adolescents more than naughty things :blobcathyper:

[Sabashi Renya] Hokenshitsu no Sagara Sensei [English] [Tigoris Translates]

impending snu-snu 

The infirmary is the worst place to restore your health because the people there only want to suck out your life force :blobcatfearful:

[Sabashi Renya] Hokenshitsu no Sagara Sensei [English] [Tigoris Translates]

She's so cute :blobcatheart:

[Kurihara Kenshirou] Kimi o Suki ni Shitai | I Want To Do Whatever I Want To You (COMIC ExE 23) [English] [CulturedCommissions] [Digital]


You've ever wondered why incest is a thing? Here's one of the simpler explanations, they just couldn't help it. It was bound to happen anyway.

[Tohzai] Innocent Incest (Incest Taboo) [English][Amoskandy]

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