lewd sfx 

I'm paranoid about my laptop speakers, too. Nice to see that kind of accident happen to others.

[Arai Taiki] GLoRy HoLE (COMIC BAVEL 2016-06) [English] [SaLamiLid]

every day on fedi.

every day you open up the wrong thread.

it's like your neighbors are having loud orgy every day.

I find myself thinking about this classic sometimes.

[Enomoto Heights] Are You Satisfied Now!? [Tadanohito]

obese man 

No wonder hypnosis app plots are so popular, it's all the power of open source :blobcatfearful:

[chin] Fuuki no Midare ni Sennou ga Kikutte Hontou? | I Can Brainwash A Girl Into Violating Public Morals!? (ANGEL Club 2020-11) [English] [Doujins.com] [Digital]

ED medication 

Please don't give dodgy medicine to unconscious people. You might regret it when it actually turns them into demons :blobcatfearful:

[Aomushi] Mamonoka Kyousei Seikou | Forced Sex by Demonisation (COMIC Unreal 2019-04 Vol. 78) [English] [Digital]

mystery box 

When the mystery box contains more than you've hoped for...

[Etuzan Jakusui] Mystery Box -Himitsu no Hako- (Futei with...) [English] [CulturedCommissions] [Digital]

Finally a work where MC doesn't magically get good at sex the first time he tries. Git gud, my dude.

[Kumano Tooru] Kakushigoto | Secret (COMIC Penguin Club 2021-02) [English] [Nisor] [Digital]

big breasts 

I don't see any stick being involved :blobcatthonking:

[Mikemono Yuu] Torokeru Gohoubi | Melty Reward (Torokeru Gohoubi) [English] [Kuraudo] [Digital]

criminal levels of cute 

Thank you, MC. Thank you for being a decent human being for once. It is appreciated :blobcatmelt:

[Azuse] Kawaii Onnanoko o Tsuru Houhou - Method to catch a pretty girl Ch. 1-6 [English] [GMDTranslations]

off-screen sex 


[Yukiguni Yuu] Shuumatsu Gentei Kanojo | Weekend Limited Girlfriend (COMIC HOTMILK 2021-04) [English] [Nisor] [Digital]


It's unusual to see pets dominating their owners, but it happens :blobcatfearful:

[Nigesapo] Boku wa Ningen de Pet de, Kitto Kazoku | I'm Going To Be a Dog Girl's Pet (COMIC Unreal 2020-08 Vol. 86) [English] [Doujins.com] [Digital]


No comment.

[Sorai Shinya] Kitsune no Mukoiri | Marrying into a Fox's Family (COMIC Reboot Vol. 22) [English] [Digital]

big breasts 

Darliiing :02smug:

[Yatsuki Hiyori] Kuroi-san wa Kashikoi (Choro Sugi!) [English] [Digital]

The ghost roomie story is about to wrap up, with just the epilogue left. As cheesy as it sounds, but the second panel is why I keep reading h-manga. For some reason I rarely see people getting that close in regular manga, but then I might be reading the wrong ones...

[Mon-petit] Uchi no Kawaii Doukyonin-san | My Cute Roommate Ch. 3 (COMIC Megastore Alpha 2018-11) [English] [Aganon] [Digital]

impending cheating 

What MC doesn't know yet is that he's just a mere replacement for her dog :blobcatfearful:

[John K. Pe-ta] Watashi no Perosuke (COMIC Magnum Vol. 92) [English] [PurpleSun]

criminal levels of cute 

It's refreshing to see a work where protagonist takes someone home and they don't immediately start making out with each other, but instead it develops naturally.

As for the work, I'll just quote the comment section: "My heart...It It’s dying from Type-H Diabetes..."

[Danimaru] Suteneko Kanojo | Abandoned Cat Girlfriend (COMIC Anthurium 2021-02) [English] [Hentai_Doctor] [Digital]

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