If you weren't already aware, fedibash hasn't been online for a while.

Dean took it offline after a Docker vulnerability was discovered, and recently deleted the server it was running on since it was being unused.

The source code for this project is now available at Feel free to host your own copy or make bots for other platforms using the same executor backend.

If you're interested in providing a server for this copy of fedibash, let @dean know in a DM.

@fedibash Info about the source:

The Docker image in `image/` needs to be built on the host otherwise it won't work.

The bot is separate from the runner. The runner is just a Golang HTTP API that takes a user ID, username, and command to run, returning the output. The user ID is used for persisting the disk of the container. The reference bot set the user ID to `mastodon_ID`.

You could easily make a bot for another platform by making the ID something like `platform_ID` (e.g. `discord_ID`).

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