I just made there-is-so-much-pain.glitch.m
This is what ReCaptcha is like for many many many users. Please don't use ReCaptcha.

Update: This now redirects to . Don't worry, it still has the "fun" slow fade captcha but now it has information on why ReCaptcha is bad and how to switch away!

@easrng Is it only possible to finish it? I didn’t manage to get through it.

@Sylvhem It's infinite. The only difference between this and real ReCaptcha is real ReCaptcha will eventually just lock you out completely.

@easrng this is painfully realistic, the only thing it's lacking is a dialog that pops up at the end and says "Your computer or network may be sending automated queries."

@easrng that's nearly it, but after finally managing to select all the matching fire hydrants reCAPTCHA just says "Please try again." and gets you to select trucks

@easrng and if you're using a VPN or something... be prepared for the ultra grainy, even slower, even longer version

@easrng captchas kinda suck as a turing test, since computers can sometimes complete them especially now with AI and image recognition being more available than at any time in history

@maemiddlename not to mention you can pay like less than 2 cents a captcha to get them solved on 2captcha or something.

@easrng Isn't that the normal thing? For who is it not like this and why?

@__h2__ People with logged in Google accounts and enabled 3rd party cookies, if they're lucky.

@easrng I wish there were more viable alternatives to ReCaptcha. I tried HCaptcha once but as you pointed out their accessibility system really doesn't work like they think it does. Which leaves only FriendlyCaptcha. There must be more!

@objectinspace There's but it takes a long time to solve and the site says they are going to turn it into a cryptominer. There's also but that *is* a cryptiminer and is frequently blocked as such. You're right, there need to be more options in this space.


I love how recaptcha has the images fade in slowly


isn't the whole image sent by then, so you're *only* serving to piss off people (and anyone using screen scrapers, I guess)

@5225225 Exactly, but the screen scrapers could ignore the opacity and make them show instantly

@easrng I note you don't suggest using a honeypot in your options for developers to stop spammers?

@DHeadshot I need to add it, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

@easrng thanks for acknowledging hcaptcha isn't much better. Many people seem to think it's the best thing since sliced bread, but in my experience as a screen reader user blocking cross site cookies it's even worse.

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