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you know what the best anti-homeless architecture is? a fucking home

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NOTICE: youtube is setting pre-2017 unlisted videos to private. if you know of a bunch of unlisted videos from inactive accounts, now is the time to download them with a youtube downloader!!!

Hmm maybe I will make a sexpr based uxn assembler. I like sexprs.

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please support the fundraising efforts for current and upcoming legal expenses in my US legal case


for updates on my case: t.me/standwithtillie


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Joe Biden’s new anti-terrorism initiative classifies “anarchist violent extremists” that “oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which are perceived as harmful to society” as “domestic violent extremists.”


Hmm, I wonder how a Finder-style multicolumn browser would work for gemini

smh where's a girl to get tall shirts that aren't super huge

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important PSA for cat owners in the UK 

All dry cat food from AVA, Applaws and Sainsbury's is being recalled for contamination very likely to kill your cat.

Your Bed Is An IRC Channel And Other Things To Dream About

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Psst, if you're hosting a site on a server you can ssh into: you should set up an onion! Install tor, add two lines to your torrc, start tor, grab your generated hostname, and add a server to your server configs. Boom, you've planted an onion!

Bonus points for adding an "onion-location" header to your clearnet site.
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help needed, question for UK trans folk/allies, :boosts_ok_gay:​ 


I need suggestions of safe organisations that could help trans people.

I know of certain young trans folk in the UK who are dealing with serious problems re: housing, abusive families, school oppression, homelessness, mental health etc. they are not willing to contact orgs or official institutions, therapists etc. due to fear and trauma.

can anyone suggest me either:

- transgender-led, or at least *radically* progressive, queer support orgs that would be willing to talk with me first on their behalf till I can guarantee them that their autonomy as young people will be taken seriously, and/or

- anarchist groups who would be willing to show solidarity and are queer-led or knowledgeable about queer issues (no anti-"idpol" edgy left, no toxic masculinity please)?

please contact me on matrix at @mommy:transmom.love, or DM this alt for more contact methods. boosts are appreciated.

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A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

Please help me to raise money for my close friend who's desperately trying to leave a deeply toxic and abusive environment with her two small and adorable children that don't deserve any of this shit. She's already been made homeless twice recently. Things are fully beyond breaking point and the official channels for support, though they've tried, are repeatedly failing her family in dangerous ways. (1/5)

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