Hmm, I wonder if you can make a roomba into a logo turtle


The video is a screen recording of me typing at a WSL command prompt, so it can run Linux and Windows programs.
$ ls
$ ./file.exe
[A dialog pops up with the title "Hello World" and body text saying "Hello from Windows!". The dialog has an OK button, and I click it.]
$ sh ./file.exe
Hello from *nix!
$ node ./file.exe
Hello from JavaScript!

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I DID IT! I made a file that runs on Windows as an EXE, is a POSIX shell script, and is also valid JS!

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Question for those of you who switches back and forth between a latin and non-latin keyboard layout:

Do you expect keyboard shortcuts defined for the latin layout to trigger for the same physical key in your non-latin layout? And should this be done automatically for you?

For example, with a russian layout, should ctrl+ы trigger the ctrl+s shortcut?

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code stuff that's pretty cool 

Soo I wrote a polyglot that has JS and POSIX (afaik) shell support, can any of you try to find a way to add cmd support too?

[ '\' 2>/dev/null;cat <<"]/*" >/dev/null;#',
(function (){
console.log("Hello from JavaScript!")
echo "Hello from *nix!"

It currently exploits the differences in the quoting rules for single quotes between the languages - shell treats '\' as a backslash char in a string, JS treats it as an escaped ' at the beginning of a string

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it's really cool that the apostrophe key is so close to the enter key so i can send messages like

i don

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you know about capel celyn, right? welsh village that was flooded in 1965 in order to create a reservoir for liverpool that they literally never used not even once? and how, like, england broke international law to override the welsh governments decision to stop the plans for it in 1962?

and how england continues to break international laws whenever it wants by claiming old powers to do so?

shitpost but semi-serious, cryptocurrency 

I wonder if I can make an ERC20 token for tokenized blåhajar, $BLHJ or something, and if it would count as a the first stablecoin backed by stuffed animal sharks. Would it even be stable? I assume it would track with the price of a blåhaj because you can redeem it for one...

blåhajar is the plural of blåhaj right?


Does anyone know what the policies in Maine (US state) are about HRT for people under 18?
Boosts very welcome.

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gender quiz (fixed, attempt 3)

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Hello! I'm thinking of making a zine, polls to follow. Boosts welcome after I get the polls sorted out lol

And finally, what shall we call it? (Replies please)

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