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I'm glad that a bunch of people are using regularly now

it was kinda dead for a while before d, dahmer and tomato showed up, but now we have even more people who post on a regular basis.

was running low on toilet paper but somehow managed to get a pack today

what a strange time we live in

added a "hide bots" option to local and federated timelines on web. obviously, it only works if the account is marked as a bot account (check the profile for a bot label)

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Mastodon was down for 30 minutes so we could move docker data to another partition... root was getting full. mastodon has been updated to v3.1.2

I posted an announcement, if you're using Mastodon web you should be able to see it above your home timeline. Cool stuff

suspended for spam

on the plus side is now running patched mastodon v3.1.1

Show thread was unavailable today for a bit because I deleted the docker-compose.yml file during upgrade...

the DB location reset back to the default, so was online for about 5 minutes with an empty database. I hope this doesn't affect federation permanently

for the past few days I've been getting alerts once or twice a day about mastodon sidekiq having over 1000 enqueued jobs....

there's a spike of requests just as it happens too, so I'm assuming it's AP spam or some shit

not sure what I can do about it, but for now I've permanently scaled up sidekiq workers so hopefully that deals with it for now

sidekiq_enqueued_jobs{instance="", job="mastodon_sidekiq"}
3388.333333 was down for a while because my dumb ass forgot to pay my hetzner bill, my bad

I wish hetzner would just automatically take money from paypal instead of requiring me to do it manually

my dog ate my tablet pen what the fuckj

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What kind of sick person uses non-recessed screws for this?

made a public grafana dashboard for, let me know if you want any metrics added. don't know how to add incoming statuses p/sec easily though

yeah the docker thing was still broken, had to reboot the server.

rip 319 days uptime :(

docker freaked out again and was down for a while, didn't realise because I didn't check my feeds

I think I will invest in status monitoring so I can deal with events like this quicker

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