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for the past few days I've been getting alerts once or twice a day about mastodon sidekiq having over 1000 enqueued jobs....

there's a spike of requests just as it happens too, so I'm assuming it's AP spam or some shit

not sure what I can do about it, but for now I've permanently scaled up sidekiq workers so hopefully that deals with it for now

sidekiq_enqueued_jobs{instance="", job="mastodon_sidekiq"}
3388.333333 was down for a while because my dumb ass forgot to pay my hetzner bill, my bad

I wish hetzner would just automatically take money from paypal instead of requiring me to do it manually

my dog ate my tablet pen what the fuckj

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What kind of sick person uses non-recessed screws for this?

made a public grafana dashboard for, let me know if you want any metrics added. don't know how to add incoming statuses p/sec easily though

yeah the docker thing was still broken, had to reboot the server.

rip 319 days uptime :(

docker freaked out again and was down for a while, didn't realise because I didn't check my feeds

I think I will invest in status monitoring so I can deal with events like this quicker

happy new year, slept in to celebrate lol

I disabled CSP eval protections on because I wanted to write a user script and it wasn't allowing it to run

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warning - extreme existential dread levels detected

(95%) ■■■■■■■■■□

I'm home from my holiday, nothing happened while I was gone from the looks of things lol

boxing day sales were underwhelming, got a new mouse and that's about it

@kro are you going to mention everyone your instance can see? god bless your soul

I switched to wayland today and it's extremely epic. the only thing holding me back was my assumptions about support and xwayland completeness but damn it's actually really good

it plays well with my new 4k monitor + 1080p dual monitor setup, the per display scaling just works out of the box unlike X11

also it literally worked out of the box I shit you not, I just installed sway + wayland and ran `sway` and I was in a working desktop environment running on the default sway config. truly an amazing out of the box experience

to the folks I won't be available from after boxing day (26th) to new years.

if you need help with the servers you should email @auri instead, his email is on his github page @aurieh

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