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the other day I banned a guy from a Discord server. this guy had contributions in a repository I own, so he decided to email me a DMCA takedown claiming that he had the rights to request removal of his code.

repo was licensed under GPLv3, which says the license terms are irrevocable. so I told him no. good meme

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To: whoever writes original longposts unironically, I thank your sacrifice.

can't tell sometimes online when people are mocking people who hate on a group or actually just hating on a group

i usually assume the first one, but sometimes you scroll through their statuses and it happens over and over with nothing indicating it's satire and it makes you go hmmmmmmm

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did federation break? posts aren't coming in very quickly

fixed (all media and profile photos). thanks @lee for reporting this. :smiley:

the issue was minio. literally changing the ACL from readonly to readwrite to readonly worked. epic.

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If you weren't already aware, fedibash hasn't been online for a while.

Dean took it offline after a Docker vulnerability was discovered, and recently deleted the server it was running on since it was being unused.

The source code for this project is now available at Feel free to host your own copy or make bots for other platforms using the same executor backend.

If you're interested in providing a server for this copy of fedibash, let @dean know in a DM.

they interrupted my splatoon match fuck them

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caution: seems to be spamming follows (see picture). they have been instance banned from

for some fucking reason gitlab decided to start grafana on port 3000, which interferes with mastodon

thanks gitlab

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Professional baby. I can cry and shit my pants on demand. Rates begin at $35 a night.

upgrade icecat from repo and all of my cookies get deleted. thanks gnu Very Cool

when your network connection is so bad that it gets stuck at 20% during a git push on a tiny commit.

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Attention pleroma server admins

lain is in trouble and needs your help, just send digits on your parents' credit card

a recurring problem for me is having to close icecat (gnu firefox) every couple of days because it's memory usage jumps to > 8gb.

I have a feeling this might be caused by my mastodon tab because it's slow and shit all the time

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