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a recurring problem for me is having to close icecat (gnu firefox) every couple of days because it's memory usage jumps to > 8gb.

I have a feeling this might be caused by my mastodon tab because it's slow and shit all the time

according to google, 100 000 AUD is currently worth 69 420 USD

entered into stamina rpg 3. I wonder if there's any/many people on fedi who play in the groove

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ok sorry but this is a MASSIVE spoiler for endgame so dont click unless you saw 

I always tick remember me on a site I login to maybe once a week, and then a week later it asks me to login again

why put the checkbox if it doesn't actually do anything? running latest mastodon. docker build time took ages because of a recent update to the dockerfile, so we opted for docker hub images instead of building ourselves.

fedidumb bot is disabled until docker gets patched and i bother to update it is back online. The domain expired and I didn't have enough cash on hand to pay for it due to an error paying me out at work. I apologise and I will make sure this doesn't happen again in the future.

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tfw trying to study but you accidentally switch to fedi timeline tab and see a cute anime girl then get distracted

how do i block bitbounce emails in zendesk lmao

@fedibash cd ./jp2a && autoreconf -vi && echo done

@fedibash echo "apparently this thing is still online, wow."

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