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tfw trying to study but you accidentally switch to fedi timeline tab and see a cute anime girl then get distracted

how do i block bitbounce emails in zendesk lmao

@fedibash cd ./jp2a && autoreconf -vi && echo done

@fedibash echo "apparently this thing is still online, wow."

my wireless AP card seems to have broken, it's not showing up in pfsense even though it used to work on the same installation.

I guess it broke while I was moving or something

I guess this is a sign that I should just buy a standalone AP instead

just setup my pfSense router again.

spent 30 minutes trying to work out why my computer wouldn't connect to WAN, but it turned out I had the default route set to the IP of the switch and not the router.

i moved into my new place for this year

internet sucks :(

Just boarded a flight, they weighed cabin baggage which I've never experienced before. Had to abandon a bag with my GPU and other things rip

it's still raining here. it's been almost 2 weeks of rain now

they recently found the bodies of two guys who drowned in the floods...

lots of homes got flooded, it's good to see people out in the community helping people who had water get into their home

the river is still pretty high. this area is supposed to be a park

my house survived the "worst" of the floods so that's relieving.

also there are a lot of people who have been inundated, with water up to their roofs and stuff. makes me feel kinda sad that this has happened to my community, but kinda glad that I still have my house

army got deployed to help rescue people off of their roofs with boats.

there is 2,000,000 L of water leaving the dam per second, and since they opened it 43.2 billion liters have been let out

assuming everyone drinks 4L per day (which is a lot), that's enough water to feed 10.8 billion people for a day


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