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we're still ok at my house, looks like not evacuating paid off.

gonna stay up until someone wakes up in case our house suddenly gets fucked.

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"on the forecast tomorrow, heavy rain in townsville..."


they are opening the dam floodgates 100% in 2 hours, not sure if we're going to evacuate yet.

it is absolutely pouring down rain outside our house

a few places have already been flooded, and my home is near a bend in the river so if they're gonna open the floodgates I'll have to evacuate

not looking forward to this, considering it's going to rain until thursday

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my city has been declared a state of emergency because of the rain that's been going on for about 6 days. the dam's at 219% (42m I think) and once it reaches ~44m they will have to fully open the floodgates.

it's currently outputting 900 cubic m per second, but when they open it it will be outputting 2300 cubic m per second.

the new outlook seems to make a streamer animation appear on the email when it contains "congratulations".

and no I don't use outlook for my personal email

for the first time in a while i kinda feel like programming. let's see how long it takes before i get bored of it again

finally deactivated my old twitter

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Overcooked brings out the worst in everyone

encoders who put english dub as the primary track instead of japanese audio and put english signs subtitles above english dialogue subtitles:

thank you for the encode but NO thank you for default track selections :(

steps for judging whether a beatmap/song in a rhythm game is good:

is the background art cute?

my draft timetable for this semester got deleted what the fuck

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I'm beginning to think just burning my phone is the correct approach to this escalating fuckwittery. #auspol #spam

i think the joystick on one of my left joycons is slightly bent or off-center


My timeline is filled with yuru yuri. This makes me happy

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