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Overcooked brings out the worst in everyone

encoders who put english dub as the primary track instead of japanese audio and put english signs subtitles above english dialogue subtitles:

thank you for the encode but NO thank you for default track selections :(

steps for judging whether a beatmap/song in a rhythm game is good:

is the background art cute?

my draft timetable for this semester got deleted what the fuck

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I'm beginning to think just burning my phone is the correct approach to this escalating fuckwittery. #auspol #spam

i think the joystick on one of my left joycons is slightly bent or off-center


My timeline is filled with yuru yuri. This makes me happy

i'm so bummered that i didn't attend firefest 2019 in minecraft the other day. what a shame

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chiaki, the original creator of "me too thanks"

every saturday i buy myself 2 bags of chips to last the whole week and i eat them before monday

finished danganronpa 1's achievements. nice

it usually makes me feel satisfied but also a little sad when i finish a game like that, but not really in this case since there are two more games

also 96 hour playtime what the fuck

what the heck mastodon i uploaded an actual image

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