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I hope I selected the correct disk, otherwise I just killed a raid 0 array

i managed to get nier automata working on my setup and then i played it for like 2 hours, saving whenever i could...

game crashes, reopen the game and all of my data is gone

nice NICEni ceniC NICE miceniece

nier didnt work im so fucking mad

ok i've spent a few hours now trying to get nier automata to work properly on my machine.

last ditch effort is to install amdgpu-pro and patch the wineprefix to use vulkan graphics instead

ok lets see if nier automata runs on my new machine maybe

not sure how to monitor ryzen cpu temp on linux, it's not showing up as a thermal zone

if you made a cryptocurrency called diamonds you could mine diamonds

Cool the default void mirrors are in Germany I almost forgot. 57kb/s download speed is fun.

Also, almost finished setting up a new computer I built.

Finally bothered to install tusky on my new phone

syncthing is great I'm very happy I decided to use it. it's much faster than MTP for transferring music and images from my computer to my phone and laptop

ok that's it for assignments and exams for a while nice

paypal took 300 dollars out of my bank account with direct deposit, which I had moved into that account before the transaction happened to ensure it would be ok.

3 days later the paypal transactions come through, then almost straight away after that they get refunded. then paypal takes them again and claims that I owe them 300 bucks.


tfw you are importing music to your library and cuz of your library OCD you need to add musicbrainz entries for anything that doesnt have one

trying to do anything with matrix synapse lowers your life span like 30 years it's actually fucking cancer

FUCK synapse and riot they're so fucking DUMB

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