@idkwuu when I read the name for the first time my mind read stream deck instead of steam deck lol

@koakuma oh that went over my head lol

never used atlassian products and I hope I never will :D

@koakuma getting a beefy workstation isn't just an atlassian thing, most tech companies/startups will supply good computers to engineers

they aren't yours to keep when you leave the company though lol

@0orpheus if the admin of a room was on my homeserver and I was angry with them I could theoretically ban everyone from the room by imitating their account right?

It sounds odd to me that a homeserver admin can't delete a room that was created on their homeserver completely (from all participating servers) via an admin API. If there was a room on my homserver was violating the rules I'd want to delete it because it has `:myinstance.com` in the room ID

@0orpheus Can't an admin of a matrix homeserver take over a room and ban everyone from it just like we've seen on freenode? I don't see how this couldn't happen to a matrix room/homeserver

@nazi_accusations I like how the elekk.xyz one did their research on the uwu.social about page to figure out which rule they could report you for :D

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@phoenix Thanks! It's been a week of playing on the pads, encountering a problem giving up the song and opening the pad up to mess with stuff (lubricating the L-brackets, replacing sensors, unplugging unneeded sensors, etc) on a loop🙄

P2 is pretty good now, just need to add rubber to the corners to make it more stable. P1 needs a lot of work still

replaced the shitty computer inside with a new one too so stepmania runs at 1080p now

@pyraxo Idk if you'll get good results with a OSS library sadly, but cloud transcription APIs might work better:

cloud.google.com/speech-to-tex (has a demo on the page)

@pyraxo you could just do dynamic dns + port forwarding, probably would be fairly simple

@easrng AFAIK no, it's fetched from the database, which is populated from events the instance receives. if you want to understand more you should read activitypub spec and mastodon/pleroma source code

@easrng if you are getting actual server errors loading content then you should DM me links to such content, if stuff just appears missing it's because not everything gets federated everywhere and it just didn't make it to this instance because it's not intended to

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