@FloatingGhost @Main_Tomato it's actually not that hard unless you're not using a root or admin user to manage the distributions

@lucy @Main_Tomato we have a few australian users and I don't want to impact their experience just because "cloudflare bad"

if I make a change it's to benefit everyone who uses the instance, not to appease people who aren't a fan of cloudflare

@lucy @Main_Tomato I'm australian and connecting to hetzner in germany is very slow and unreliable, with cloudflare it's less slow

it's not for security, it's just for making the speeds bearable for people with third world internet

@lucy @Main_Tomato it already uses cloudflare and I've explained why in the past. I'm making an effort to switch providers because I don't like cloudflare, but I need to know if people are comfortable with us using amazon

instead of saying "don't use cloudflare" you should suggest another provider that has websocket support and no minimum charges

my dog ate my tablet pen what the fuckj

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@Lorewaifu 1826 I think

postgres=# SELECT COUNT(*) FROM custom_emojis WHERE domain IS NULL;
(1 row)

What kind of sick person uses non-recessed screws for this?

@lain I want to switch away from cloudflare but just haven't gotten around to it yet

I need a CDN otherwise it's too slow to access from australia

made a public grafana dashboard for uwu.social, let me know if you want any metrics added. don't know how to add incoming statuses p/sec easily though


@ultewm just add a prometheus exporter for sidekiq to uwu.social and use that + http healthchecks I think

yeah the docker thing was still broken, had to reboot the server.

rip 319 days uptime :(

@ultewm uwu.social uses mastodon unfortunately. would definitely love to spin up a little VM somewhere running grafana for the sole purpose of monitoring shit though

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