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@Horizon idk I don't drive, it's just what a friend told me the other day

@ben fixed. I knew that the proof was broken but I didn't bother fixing it because no one uses Keybase

tfw trying to study but you accidentally switch to fedi timeline tab and see a cute anime girl then get distracted

how do i block bitbounce emails in zendesk lmao

@fedibash cd ./jp2a && autoreconf -vi && echo done

@wizzwizz4 @alexbuzzbee actually, I use Docker with lots of things disabled. The host does have SELinux on it as well, but even then I wouldn't dare run user code on the host.

@alexbuzzbee @alexbuzzbee good questions, each user has their own container which is saved as an image after each use. When a user runs a command, it checks if an image exists for that user and uses that instead of the default image.

If users trash their own container it doesn't affect other users, and there's a command (not run in the container of course) that deletes your image: "(at)fedibash fedibash reset"'

If your container is fucked you'll probably get an internal server error response

@Zeludon it has protections against that anyways lmao. CPU time is limited to a small amount so forkbombs instantly terminate.

@fedibash echo "apparently this thing is still online, wow."

@Emzi0767 on my thinkpad there's a screw to remove a side panel that houses the drive. to remove the drive you have to pull on a plastic tab, but my tab fell off so my SSD is basically stuck in there now lmao

@Emzi0767 my laptop had a fairly easy RAM + HDD access panel on the back, just had to undo 4 screws and it would lift up enough to put your fingers underneath and pull the whole panel off

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