now i have a lot of time to spend wasting time

no more studying until next year yay πŸ˜ƒ

@lmorchard all good, my fault as well for not implementing bot check. the mastodon interface for the fedibash runner is absolutely garbage lmao

"suspending this user will immediately delete 27k toots"

then i click suspend and none of them get deleted. good moderation system honestly

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this is why I haven't really tooted anything for like a month

assessments are really draining and stressful but on the bright side there's only 4 weeks until everything's finished for the year

really looking forward to summer break

@theZacAttacks @impiaaa I'll implement a check some other time, in the middle of assessments and shit at the moment

the mastodon bot part of the code is shitty anyways and is the only part really that causes problems. I rewrote the whole runner code for the last release but the bot definitely needs to be rewritten as well

thank you for finding and reporting this issue! πŸ˜ƒ

@Efi are you creating the alias in a separate command? The whole bash process is reset after each command, so any temporary variables and aliases are reset. Try saving it in .bashrc and it should work

@lynnesbian not at my computer, to check sorry, but if all of your commands are failing you might've broken the image. Try another command and if that doesn't work try "<@ fedibash> fedibash reset" to delete your container mastodon has been upgraded have a good day thanks

wtf how do i have 95 keybase followers lmao

i literally haven't used it in like a year until today

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Bash is the best text adventure game, change my mind.

@Emzi0767 yeah I know, this is for owo v2. buckets are gonna have directories and shit inside of them and since the API will allow for listing directories and shit

don't want to just query the filesystem as there will be stuff that needs to be returned (i.e. it has a place in the tree but doesn't have a place on the filesystem yet - incomplete uploads/redirects/collection objects)

guess i'll die

@jerky > is the prompt and _ is the cursor I'm pretty sure

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