@piggo it's punycode, it translates to ծմակուտ.հայ

💪 uwu.social powerful server now 💪

this new Ryzen + NVMe server is such a pleasure to operate on. Everything completes instantly when it would've taken seconds on the old Xeon + HDD box

@GwenfarsGarden On chrome/firefox I use ublock origin (arguably the best adblocker, and it's free). On android I use "Youtube Vanced". My phone is rooted but I don't think it requires root to function

@InsignificantThoughts if you remove the videos from your youtube history and search history you won't get recommended anymore.

I paused history and search history entirely so I only get recommendations based on the current video and my subscriptions


"A major part of the sterilisation process ensures the gas is removed from the product and that any leftover residue is below that of the safety levels set by national and international standards."

"While ethylene oxide is a carcinogen widely used to sterilise medical equipment, the sterilisation process is tightly controlled to ensure any residue left over is negligible – and to ensure medical devices are safe to use."


@kura lol I remember this, how many years ago did I make it again? :blobcatlaugh:

4 is done now, everything is served off of local filesystem now. We will be optimizing delivery so files are served from the file server rather than over NFS with nginx over the next few days

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uwu.social, captcha 

We added a captcha to uwu.social signups using Friendly Captcha, which doesn't violate privacy + the JS code is open source. The captcha is just a simple proof of work and doesn't store cookies or have secretive algorithms like recaptcha

If people don't want to solve a captcha to sign up (maybe because they have noscript or something) we'll give people invite links over email if they ask. Users can't create invites for other people in case there are still bots

Bot signups were getting annoying and Mastodon doesn't have any captcha support

Registrations are disabled on the main site, with a link to a separate page that requires you to solve a captcha. Once you solve it and submit, you'll get redirected to a newly generated single-use invite link. Mastodon API doesn't have invite link capability so we have to scrape csrf tokens and shit which sucks though

The code's not pretty, but we don't care as long as it works


@angristan we had over a million objects and then reduced it to a couple hundred thousand by purging remote media

We're gonna attempt migrating uwu.social mastodon media again from minio to local storage over NFS again today. Our battle plan is as follows:

1. origin.files.uwu.social nginx block will be changed to serve from local first, then try minio if 404
2. delete all remote media older than 7 days again to reduce the amount of stuff we have to copy
3. switch mastodon to use local storage rather than S3 storage (requires small downtime)
4. migrate data from minio to the local directory in the background over the next few weeks

We've already done 1 and started 2, once that finishes we'll start 3 and eventually start 4 in the background

I think the only downside this method has is that deleted media from the 7 day period before we turn on local storage won't be able to be deleted until the files are finished moving over

We've tested switching to local storage by changing the .env on a testing server and it seemed to work without issue

@karolat sway has per monitor scaling, not sure about other wayland WMs

@bunni importing MAL to anilist is easy (export from MAL and import to anilist through the website). anilist has decent data and a good (graphql) API so I recently switched to it

@angristan I don't want to come off like an evangelist of projector or anything like that

it has it's flaws but I'm hopeful they'll get improved in later versions since I'm a big fan of jetbrains IDEs and I use remote servers to do my programming

@angristan yeah it's got a long way to go, but it only just got announced so stuff like scrolling, terminal and UI glitches will get better over time I think

I think it's pretty impressive given that jetbrains IDEs aren't electron apps like vscode is, so essentially they had to reimplement their UI library in javascript and proxy UI calls between the server and the client

@angristan not quite, it shims out the UI framework and does all of the rendering in your browser. it's as close to code-server as you can get with jetbrains IDEs

I work for the company that makes code-server and we have jetbrains projector implemented into our enterprise product, which we dogfood so I use projector every day, and the typing latency is the same as you get with local vscode since typing is handled in browser

@InsignificantThoughts if you're using mpv you could set a keybind to seek 90 seconds

alternatively you could just watch every OP and ED, and become god on anime music quiz

uwu.social media migration (from Minio to plain FS on a new server) was called off. Aurieh and I are both very tired so we decided it would be best to stop for now and try again some other time when we're not tired and have a better battle plan.

Copy performance from Minio (or directly from Minio's data dir) is extremely slow because stat calls take ages for some reason. We'll look into the performance issues with the FS for next time and explore ways of listing files without using stat (i.e. via Mastodon's DB).

We're sorry for severely underestimating the amount of time it should've taken. I hope we didn't cause too much inconvenience from being offline.

@piggo google and facebook have to pay to link to news sites is my understanding of the law. they have to strike a deal with all of the news groups to be able to link to their sites.

even if it was because of the preview card it's still a stupid law. all this accomplishes is giving murdoch even more money

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