@Main_Tomato tell me if it breaks again, might be a masto bug

i dislike it when uber eats assigns a bicycle delivery driver because the food always gets fucked and they take so long to get to you

@mewmew yeah it would be, send me a message on discord Dean#0001

uwu.social about page updated, moved blocked domains section to the built-in unavailable content section which is nice.

@mewmew oh ok epic i better add those for old domains then

uwu.social mastodon updated to 3.0.1 btw. big changelog on mastodon releases page

mario kart breath of the wild 8 deluxe

@dahmer yes, download the ISO for mint and burn it to a USB stick with Rufus (if you're using windows)

then shutdown, plug the USB stick in, boot into boot menu and select the USB. you should end up in live mode

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webshit, ie, edge 

feels fucking good when you solve a problem you've been trying to solve for 3 days

uwu.social shows in the keybase app I think now. epic

@ken it's probably in the prerelease, uwu.social runs the latest stable release

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