@koakuma updated the patch and fixed elasticsearch, everything should work now

@koakuma we fixed the home timelines and list bug. It was a problem with how we applied the muted in lists patch [1]

I'm gonna work on fixing that patch to work on the current version of Mastodon (since I rely on it lol)

Search is broken because elasticsearch-ruby blocks elasticsearch-oss (which we use) and opendistro (which we want to upgrade to). We're patching elasticsearch-ruby rn.

1: owo.codes/dean/uwu-social/-/bl

@koakuma We upgraded 3h ago and it looks like one of our patches didn't apply cleanly and broke home/list ingestion. We'll be able to take a look in 30min

Thanks for the ping

@tlapka you can open the highlight editor on twitch and "highlight" the entire stream and it saves the vod permanently :)

@InsignificantThoughts but the anime is the most important data ??!?!?!?!?

@InsignificantThoughts good luck :blobsalute:

your experience with btrfs reminds me of my own.... 😦

@InsignificantThoughts didn't you have problems with btrfs last time? why did you pick btrfs again?

@idkwuu when I read the name for the first time my mind read stream deck instead of steam deck lol

@koakuma oh that went over my head lol

never used atlassian products and I hope I never will :D

@koakuma getting a beefy workstation isn't just an atlassian thing, most tech companies/startups will supply good computers to engineers

they aren't yours to keep when you leave the company though lol

@0orpheus if the admin of a room was on my homeserver and I was angry with them I could theoretically ban everyone from the room by imitating their account right?

It sounds odd to me that a homeserver admin can't delete a room that was created on their homeserver completely (from all participating servers) via an admin API. If there was a room on my homserver was violating the rules I'd want to delete it because it has `:myinstance.com` in the room ID

@0orpheus Can't an admin of a matrix homeserver take over a room and ban everyone from it just like we've seen on freenode? I don't see how this couldn't happen to a matrix room/homeserver

@nazi_accusations I like how the elekk.xyz one did their research on the uwu.social about page to figure out which rule they could report you for :D

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