@tija @Umi idk man we might all live on the coast basically but population centers are pretty spread out

isn't she in brisbane or something? brisbane's pretty big

@tonkku107 completely dropped it. the only reason I had it was for making requests from australia faster, but it's slower than just connecting directly now

haven't had any drop outs or lag in the timelines on uwu.social since we disabled cloudflare. glad we finally switched away from it

got a trackball mouse this week, the Kensington Orbit with scroll ring. it's nice to use so far, but my accuracy is worse than I expected. wondering if it's just something I need to get used to (like I did with my kinesis advantage 2 keyboard) or if I'm using it wrong

uwu.social is now running without cloudflare enabled. Eventually I'll move it to hurricane electric DNS or something

@koakuma I don't really get how search works, mastodon's search feature never returns what I want. not sure if it only returns local posts or not, you'd have to check the code

@hentaiquotes essentially yes. It's not that much of a hassle, it's just picky about running on partitions with not enough space remaining. The fix was easy enough for us, we just had to remove a bunch of old data/backups we didn't need anymore

I don't think we'll run out of space on this server for a long time, and if we do we'll just upgrade it

This happened after updating to the newest version, so we were convinced it was broken code but no one else was reporting similar issues.

For debugging, we undid our patches and added tracing to sidekiq and mastodon, which lead us to believe mastodon was filling memory because of elasticsearch failures. We'll reapply the patches shortly.

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We've been having a lot of troubles with mastodon recently (filling memory and swap), which we traced back to elasticsearch freaking out about there not being enough space on the storage drive.

We cleared off some old backups/unnecessary data from the disk, so everything should be fine now. Sorry about the recent downtime.

breaking news: world famous tija nee-san creates account on uwu.social

@tija we welcome quack doctors here

my favorite part of mastodon is not being able to download original gif from a post

registrations are fully open again. it's kinda disheartening to see uwu.social displayed as a private instance on instance listing sites even though there's an invite on the homepage

@angristan he can't be generic... golang doesn't have generics lol

mastodon moderation tools suck. performing moderation actions takes way longer than it should (it loads for a while), and for some reason disabled accounts can still post? I disabled 2 accounts a week ago and they somehow both posted today...

and to top it all off, after I suspended both of the accounts, the posts from one were still available on local timeline until I manually deleted the post.

I switched to fastmail today to try it out, they added labels in beta which was the last thing I needed to switch. gonna stay on the trial for a month but it seems pretty good so far.

the android app felt a bit sluggish but it's whatever. I can use a different mail app if it's a problem, plus I don't use my phone for viewing my mail very often.

@nekojanai that's not end to end, since the keys are managed by the instance

@mewmew @ultewm fast and good support so works great for uwu.social

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