@Main_Tomato I doubt they'll join activity pub, there's too much content on here that twitter doesn't want to have anywhere near their users lol

sorry about uwu.social going down again this month, the same issue happened with hetzner's billing system. i'll make sure they fix it

@brendantcc at least the temperature's nice down there, it's 31 deg right now here. even going outside is a hassle

@brendantcc actually i just moved back to townsville, I'll update my profile

@brendantcc @fedibash lmao yeah, it's been down for a while. source code's open, it's pretty easy to host yourself

move successful. my desktop arrived a day earlier than I expected (it got freighted separately), so that's pretty nice. gave my second monitor to a relative so I have a reason to buy a high refresh rate monitor now. maybe 4K??

@SuperRobotDeluxe @Main_Tomato sad earth-chan hours. the govt. delayed it here because they didn't know what would happen but it's been pretty positive everyone just bought reusable bags to make up for it.

retailers sell/give for free biodegradable reusable bags in their place. at Coles (major supermarket) I can buy reusable biodegradable bags for 15c each, which is handy if you forget to bring your green bags

@Main_Tomato my state did this last year and it's pretty epic everyone just uses reusable bags now

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@piggo if you're sleeping you're doing it wrong

@Main_Tomato what a steal. if only steam fulfilled orders in australia, steam store links to EB which has it at full price :blobsad:

building mastodon image with 1000 char limit and a patch I made that allows muted accounts to appear on lists for uwu.social. the service will restart hopefully within the next 30 minutes

@tija i would never use debian in my life anyone saying i would use debian is spreading fake news

@tija fuck how do i delete someone else's screenshots fuck fuck fukc

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