@robot @flandrescarlet damn... why did it represent me as a picture of a train track? lol

Hetzner is getting ddosed again, but this time they blocked all large UDP packets so wireguard doesn't work even on ports outside their advertised affected range.

We're mitigating this by using a UDP-over-TCP tunnel for wireguard. Wireguard is used for connecting securely to our media storage server, so this will impact media storage on uwu.social until we revert it

@InsignificantThoughts I have a remarkable 2 and they give you SSH access and the root password so you can do whatever you want. I installed a package installer, custom launcher, syncthing, and compiled a rust ebook reader on the device itself

I'm sure you could also install a web browser but I haven't tried

@koakuma pixelfed made a new fediverse directory website and to opt-in you need to add to your profile


A lot more reports and moderation actions have been required over the last few days. Usually I don't have to deal with much other than the occasional report etc. but it's definitely gone up recently

Thankfully Mastodon's moderation tools for reports were recently overhauled making it an easy process. Trends are a less-easy process and I hope the developers make it more streamlined soon

Also, it looks like removed the ability for admins to mark any arbitrary post as sensitive without reporting it first?

@alicia I don't believe that @nazi_accusations is defending people spreading hate, but you can feel free to think that way if you want. I will ask them to change their avatar though to avoid misunderstandings in the future, and I apologize for not asking them to do so sooner.

The reason I shared this report was because it felt ironic. It's calling them a nazi without proof, and the whole point of the account is about sharing instances of people (on both the left and the right) calling other people nazis without proof.

I regret sharing the reports without redacting the domains first and not taking them seriously enough. We rarely get remote reports to this instance because our users are well behaved, and often they are invalid reports, but I will take extra care to keep reports private and take them more seriously in the future.

@flandrescarlet @auri Sorry! Hetzner was blocking our UDP wireguard traffic in response to a DDoS attack so we worked around it

@InsignificantThoughts hetzner had a DDoS attack and blocked large UDP packets on a big range of ports (which we were using for wireguard). Fixed by changing our port number. Sorry about that!

@CryptoJigWorld hi! I'm still around, I just lurk more than I post. I saw your DM but I didn't want to reply before asking the other admin

@flandrescarlet looks like the color palette got deleted so the browser doesn't know what colors to use or something. opening it in photoshop yields the attached monstrosity

ffmpeg doesn't even want anything to do with, so no wonder why it didn't federate lol:

[gif @ 0x55c14a846280] invalid block label
[gif @ 0x55c14a84ea40] picture doesn't have either global or local palette.
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input


@stux that sounds nice, is that a feature in glitch or is that a custom patch that mstdn.social runs?

@stux We tried this a while ago and had good results initially, but eventually the spammers just automated signing up using the permanent invite link. You might have better luck in the long run though

We wrote a small server that would redirect the user to a single use invite link after they solved a friendly captcha. owo.codes/whats-this/mastodon-

@djsumdog uMatrix (by the uBlock Origin developer) lets you block cookies, JS, images, etc on every site unless you specifically grant the site cookie access

click the * button to enable "global mode" and then disable cookies by clicking on the cookie header

@amolith @koakuma holy fuck your avatar just loaded for me, did you change it??!?

@amolith @koakuma so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!

I don't think that the 2MB limit is unreasonable, but in the face of misskey taking up increasing AP server marketshare I wouldn't be opposed to increasing the max size limits of remote avatars and emojis via a local patch... but you'll have to wait until after the Mastodon security patch later this week

@koakuma @amolith the misskey activitypub actor API for that user returns an image URL [1] that is 2.89MB according to firefox, but the avatar size limit is 2MB in mastodon and is unconfigurable

[1]: mk.nixnet.social/files/webpubl

[2] github.com/mastodon/mastodon/b

@koakuma @amolith oops I didn't see this since I was on a roadtrip but I'll have a look at this tomorrow.

Not sure what the cause is but generally when stuff doesn't federate from misskey it's because the files are very large, not sure if that's what the issue is in this case however

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