Follow is fediblocked :sadneko:

I really regret making fun of the reports a year ago... it's very unfortunate that we're being classified as a Nazi instance when we absolutely are not

IDK if you can appeal fediblock either, they've blocked already so I don't think I can other than emailing the admin. I might try that tomorrow :/

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@dean Fediblock has been discontinued and I really wouldn’t worry about what they report/list there. Some of the reported blocks are just ridiculous. Also, it’s not really fair to block an entire instance just because of one or two people.

@dean Thank you Dean for all the work you do for :hug:

@dean I can hardly believe that someone would flag as anything such. :cri:
@dean im reading the thread, and everyone is agreeing that this is a false positive tbf, fediblock is utter trash. if they want a twitter-like experience, they should just flock back to Twitter

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