@nazi_accusations I like how the elekk.xyz one did their research on the uwu.social about page to figure out which rule they could report you for :D

Supporting a person defending people spreading hate?
Kinda cringe if you ask me. Especially if that person thinks a profile picture like that is in any way acceptable.

Good on the people banning the user for not giving people like that a platform.

@alicia I don't believe that @nazi_accusations is defending people spreading hate, but you can feel free to think that way if you want. I will ask them to change their avatar though to avoid misunderstandings in the future, and I apologize for not asking them to do so sooner.

The reason I shared this report was because it felt ironic. It's calling them a nazi without proof, and the whole point of the account is about sharing instances of people (on both the left and the right) calling other people nazis without proof.

I regret sharing the reports without redacting the domains first and not taking them seriously enough. We rarely get remote reports to this instance because our users are well behaved, and often they are invalid reports, but I will take extra care to keep reports private and take them more seriously in the future.

@alicia @dean we do not defend people who have been called nazis (such as Greta Thunberg, Rachel Carson or Neil Young).

What you consider cringe is of no interest to us.

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