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We added a captcha to signups using Friendly Captcha, which doesn't violate privacy + the JS code is open source. The captcha is just a simple proof of work and doesn't store cookies or have secretive algorithms like recaptcha

If people don't want to solve a captcha to sign up (maybe because they have noscript or something) we'll give people invite links over email if they ask. Users can't create invites for other people in case there are still bots

Bot signups were getting annoying and Mastodon doesn't have any captcha support

Registrations are disabled on the main site, with a link to a separate page that requires you to solve a captcha. Once you solve it and submit, you'll get redirected to a newly generated single-use invite link. Mastodon API doesn't have invite link capability so we have to scrape csrf tokens and shit which sucks though

The code's not pretty, but we don't care as long as it works

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