We're gonna attempt migrating mastodon media again from minio to local storage over NFS again today. Our battle plan is as follows:

1. nginx block will be changed to serve from local first, then try minio if 404
2. delete all remote media older than 7 days again to reduce the amount of stuff we have to copy
3. switch mastodon to use local storage rather than S3 storage (requires small downtime)
4. migrate data from minio to the local directory in the background over the next few weeks

We've already done 1 and started 2, once that finishes we'll start 3 and eventually start 4 in the background

I think the only downside this method has is that deleted media from the 7 day period before we turn on local storage won't be able to be deleted until the files are finished moving over

We've tested switching to local storage by changing the .env on a testing server and it seemed to work without issue

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4 is done now, everything is served off of local filesystem now. We will be optimizing delivery so files are served from the file server rather than over NFS with nginx over the next few days

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