I set up a pci passthrough windows vm, had to go out and buy a 2070 super for it

bad experience at first, and the pci_acs_override patch didn't work for my nvme drive (???), but after enabling hugepages and changing the CPU model to be EPYC in QEMU (I have a Ryzen processor) it works great

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looking glass is working but the quality is ass, not sure why. maybe it's a wayland thing who knows. for now, I'm just using the GPU directly by switching inputs on my monitors, works fine. steam streaming works well too

setting up alsa audio with QEMU was a fucking nightmare, so I opted for scream, which is a windows virtual sound driver that just sends the pcm data over the network. multicast didn't work, so I had to change it to be unicast with my host's IP but it works great with very low latency

you'd expect the scream shit to be a pain in the ass and slow as hell, but I guess there's hardly any latency anyways since it's virtio net so whatever

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and since I couldn't get alsa to work, I have to attach my microphone to the VM to be able to call people from inside which sucks but it's whatever

doom eternal runs good, so all is well

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@dean with amd you can do stuff like that. intel would rather destroy itself x)

@kura intel would probably work out of the box with `-cpu host` or `-cpu host-passthrough`. the default QEMU CPU model doesn't work well with AMD ryzen+ caches

@dean well, intel is financing and supporting a lot of open source stuff, which is great. so they get support in important tools faster - but aside from that, they like to lock down stuff as well.
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