I switched to wayland today and it's extremely epic. the only thing holding me back was my assumptions about support and xwayland completeness but damn it's actually really good

it plays well with my new 4k monitor + 1080p dual monitor setup, the per display scaling just works out of the box unlike X11

also it literally worked out of the box I shit you not, I just installed sway + wayland and ran `sway` and I was in a working desktop environment running on the default sway config. truly an amazing out of the box experience

@dean And who fires up ck-launch-session? systemd?

@tija i just login to a tty and run `x` which is aliased to `exec sway`, I don't have a login/session manager

I could add an if tty = tty1 then run sway automatically so it just runs after I login but it's not a big deal.

I use runit btw

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