how do you mute someone and make them appear in a list? i want a bots list so they dont clog my home column


I tried making a list and then just muting them but now their new posts dont go into the list

@kura that's fucking stupid wtf. is there a modded masto fe that does that?

@kura writing a PR for it now, it seems the feed manager performs the same filtering on home and lists (which is why muted accounts don't show on lists)

@kura the fix was easy i just had to split the filter into home filter and list filter

it's done i just have to test it

I don't think it'll be accepted though. gargron would have implemented it in the first place if he wanted to i guess.

@kura oh well I'll just keep the patch applied locally then if it gets declined

have fun :)
i know why I don't use Mastodon, it looks nice but gargron is a huge d*ck.
Anyway if it works for you now then all is well
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