I always tick remember me on a site I login to maybe once a week, and then a week later it asks me to login again

why put the checkbox if it doesn't actually do anything?

@dean the "remember me" token expiration length should be configurable tbh

most web apps I've made let you do that.

@pandentia I only ever tick it on my desktop. I think it should last forever or at least a really long time:tm: by default

@dean yeah, it should. having an autofilling password manager helps though, I find.

@pandentia i use keepass on linux, not sure if it has autofilling browser extensions.

used to use one of the lcoud password managers, now I just sync the database to my phone every night

@dean keepass became a pain for me, especially on linux, so I switched to Bitwarden (which has a first-party commercial offering but you can self-host if you like)
@dean maybe it expires in like 2 days or something

@piggo pain in the ass, especially since everyone expects "remember me" to be at least a month

@dean You probably block cookies or prune them after a short time with some addon.

@tija does ublock/umatrix do that? those are literally the only addons I have

@dean They may block javascript, that is responsible for cookie setting. (Though if you are able to send the form, then the js should work, – unless form validation is not outsourced to some or something.) I’d check browser settings too.
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