"on the forecast tomorrow, heavy rain in townsville..."


@dean @weeb i think federation with smug might be a little broken... ill also ping @weeb even though his avatar there is a different gem. the phos club shall gather

@xeno @weeb @weeb dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best dia best

@dean @weeb @weeb if this is the dia best club and not phos avatar club then we might as well ping @levi though no spoilers hes two episodes in
@tija @dean @weeb @levi @weeb i dont have any gems pix on my phone i just wanted a council of phoses ;-;

@xeno @weeb @tija @levi @weeb thank you for the unnecessary details and the image

@dean @weeb @levi @tija @weeb why the fuck would you thank me? personally id rather never acknowledge the act of shitting. i dont want to ever hear about it. im ashamed of myself for bringing it up. i think i might have some sort of gut disease
@dean @weeb @levi @tija @weeb by gut disease i meant something chronic. judging by the last few days some sort of food poisoning or stomach flu is obvious

@tija @levi @xeno @weeb @weeb i would post phos but all of my photos are on my hard drives which are in waterproof boxes because I might get FLOODED. please let me off for today 🙏

@xeno @weeb @dean @weeb
Ah I was gonna watch two episodes every day starting yesterday so I could finish it Wednesday but I accidentally forgot to and fell into a portal to Hell. I wasn't being tormented or anything, it was like Dante's Inferno, I saw Satan, God, everything. I woke up standing on a hill with no one around, just infinite green in every direction and no one could hear me shouting. It lasted about 3 years without me having to eat or drink before the angel Gabriel (yes THE angel Gabriel) came to me and gave me a new name. He said my name was Samson and that I had to go back to Hell for a little bit. I was so tired but he told me I could sleep on the way down. After we got through the first few layers of eternal damnation, I met Larry Brinkin and he taught me all about White Supremacy for an hour. Then I was told I had to go another layer or two deep before I could go back home. It was such a long journey but I didn't feel hot I was just waiting for it to be over. There's nobody down there at the 5th layer of hell, it's just empty except for a few Angels in chains, they were so beautiful but they wouldn't talk. I could tell they were alive they just seemed tired. I hadn't suffered up to this point until I felt myself being eaten alive by scarabs starting from my genitals. I was still aware but I couldn't feel my body or think anything. Then a man dressed in a white gown wearing a strap-on (maybe it was a woman) told me that I had to keep going but this time I had to walk. By the time I finally got to the bottom layer of hell I was crying my eyes out and a little girl (like a toddler) came and wiped away my tears, held my hand and led me out of there. Overall it felt like 5 decades but it wasn't any time at all in real time I just got so distracted I wasn't able to watch HNK
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