im trying to find a GOOD way to store a hierarchical tree structure in some sort of queryable database and every solution has made me sad

@dean is it a fixed structure or are the items part of the structure

@Emzi0767 items are a part of the structure, need to be able to move subtrees around efficiently, delete entire trees, select entire trees, select all children, etc.

don't really care about order. think a filesystem

@dean in a file system the tree is usually stored flat. I will say that I can't really think of a clean way to handle this though.

@Emzi0767 yeah I know, this is for owo v2. buckets are gonna have directories and shit inside of them and since the API will allow for listing directories and shit

don't want to just query the filesystem as there will be stuff that needs to be returned (i.e. it has a place in the tree but doesn't have a place on the filesystem yet - incomplete uploads/redirects/collection objects)

guess i'll die

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