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[ear rape warning] please watch my COOL intro

for the unaware, in Australia, lots of ISPs won't peer with cloudflare, either because they don't peer at australian IXes or they're just being dicks...

in response Cloudflare forces them to pay for transit by preventing Austrlian DC routes being propagated to the companies that won't peer to them in AU, which means I have to connect to Hong Kong, Tokyo or L.A. to connect to cloudflare free/pro sites. Australian internet is already slow enough so it just adds insult to injury for consumers

considered bunnycdn but no websocket support, considering cloudfront or something instead. (not includin doesn't use much bandwidth since it's just AP + FE + websocket...

maybe I could try turning cloudflare off for a bit and see if it's really that unbearable for me, might turn out to be OK or even faster?

I'm impressed with bunnycdn and no one has had any problems with it so I think it'll stay. for comparison if you want to measure speeds, the origin is, which connects directly to the box it's stored on.

it's not that big of a deal but it'd also be nice to move away from cloudflare on the main site, security/protection isn't really a big deal for me (obviously, since the IP's public anyways) - it's mostly speed that I'm after.

never watched one piece before but someone gave me a free ticket to the new movie and i have to say when monkey boy activated his gamer mode i was like "bruh"

good movie gamers will enjoy this movie 10/10

I tried making a list and then just muting them but now their new posts dont go into the list

how do you mute someone and make them appear in a list? i want a bots list so they dont clog my home column

yeah I can already notice a huge difference holy shit. my third world internet can load images in less than a second now

trialling bunnycdn on, i'm sick of media being slow to load in australia because of cloudflare redirecting traffic to tokyo and los angeles

let me know if you notice a slowdown. europe, US and asia pacific are enabled so it should be ok for everyone

I can't find any dead jobs that are related in sidekiq which sucks

not sure why but mastodon isn't creating notifications for a user on even though they aren't blocking anyone and don't have notifications disabled for the people they mute.

the DB shows that the faves/follows themselves were inserted, but the notifications were never inserted. can't find anything about this on the issue tracker was down for a few hours because of an error in our host's billing system. the issue has been resolved.

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i dislike it when uber eats assigns a bicycle delivery driver because the food always gets fucked and they take so long to get to you about page updated, moved blocked domains section to the built-in unavailable content section which is nice. mastodon updated to 3.0.1 btw. big changelog on mastodon releases page

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