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[ear rape warning] please watch my COOL intro

i dislike it when uber eats assigns a bicycle delivery driver because the food always gets fucked and they take so long to get to you about page updated, moved blocked domains section to the built-in unavailable content section which is nice. mastodon updated to 3.0.1 btw. big changelog on mastodon releases page

mario kart breath of the wild 8 deluxe

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feels fucking good when you solve a problem you've been trying to solve for 3 days shows in the keybase app I think now. epic

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Today's Discussion: How would you go about selecting a set of colors which optimizes accessibility, legibility and recognition; as well as still looking pleasant to the eyes?

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One of my teeth has been sore for a few days now, but I held off on going to the dentist because they always charge shitloads. I went this morning and it turned out there's no infection/decay/cavity, apparently it's just sensitive, so the dentist explained it to me in detail and gave me some sensitive toothpaste.

Was very relieved, I thought I was going to need a filling or something. It was affordable, too, and I haven't even claimed yet.

suspended for being a likely follow spam bot. 0 toots, > 5k follows.

aurieh and I scraped more emotes onto, thanks and for the emotes.

we have 1803 emotes now or something

not sure how to permanently fix the minio issue we're having on, I can't find any issues about it on GitHub.

we'll probably upgrade it to latest stable, see if that fixes it. if not, we'll file an issue and see what we can do about it.

I'll wait for aurieh's opinion first though went down for some amount of time, looks like 5 hours?

while I was asleep the docker networking proxy broke again.

in court it would probably hold up, since the federal circuit ruled that OSS licenses are enforceable:

the guy ended up giving up after showing him that wiki page.

the other day I banned a guy from a Discord server. this guy had contributions in a repository I own, so he decided to email me a DMCA takedown claiming that he had the rights to request removal of his code.

repo was licensed under GPLv3, which says the license terms are irrevocable. so I told him no. good meme

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To: whoever writes original longposts unironically, I thank your sacrifice.

can't tell sometimes online when people are mocking people who hate on a group or actually just hating on a group

i usually assume the first one, but sometimes you scroll through their statuses and it happens over and over with nothing indicating it's satire and it makes you go hmmmmmmm

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