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[ear rape warning] please watch my COOL intro

now i have a lot of time to spend wasting time

no more studying until next year yay πŸ˜ƒ

"suspending this user will immediately delete 27k toots"

then i click suspend and none of them get deleted. good moderation system honestly

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this is why I haven't really tooted anything for like a month

assessments are really draining and stressful but on the bright side there's only 4 weeks until everything's finished for the year

really looking forward to summer break mastodon has been upgraded have a good day thanks

wtf how do i have 95 keybase followers lmao

i literally haven't used it in like a year until today

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Bash is the best text adventure game, change my mind.

im trying to find a GOOD way to store a hierarchical tree structure in some sort of queryable database and every solution has made me sad

learning haskell because @auri told me to

Somehow fedibash is still working

All I've done for two days is play nier automata...

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Oh cool that's right windows overwrites every other boot manager and now I won't be able to boot Linux without a recovery pendrive

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