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Hey uhh just a little reminder to everyone, no matter what you're doing today please take some time to look after yourself, remember to take any medication you need to ad also please have something to eat and drink today

Stay safe, please ๐Ÿ’™ โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ’š

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Mental health tips 

Being mentally ill at a time like this sure isn't fun, huh?

To anyone else who is struggling at the moment, i just want to let you know that you'll get through this, take things as easy as you possibly can. Each day you make it through should be counted as a small victory. I know it's not a lot but here are a few small tips that might be of some help

- As you're stuck indoors all day, try to find a new place to sit, even or a short while as a small change

- Remember to to basic things like washing your most important areas and bruising your teeth! (these might seem like a chore but trust me you'll feel at least a little better afterwards)

- Keep some water and a cereal bar or something similar by your bed so you can wake yourself up easier in the morning

- even if you're just about the house, put some clean clothes on,they'll help you feel a little less groggy

Most importantly, where possible try to keep in contact with friends or family so you don't feel alone

When/if things ever get to a safer state of normalcy I really need to look into some kind of therapy or something...

I'm not doing good at all but somehow I'm still kicking so I suppose that's something?

Trying my best to stay positive and etc but honestly that's far easier said then done with all the shit going on in the world..


Found this today in Morrisons, it's actually quite nice!

My work boss is making me redownload Zoom... I thought I was finally free :angrycry:

No more money, society has surpassed the need for money.

Why can't we just pay for things in headpats

'โ€‰ ูญโœงโ€‰'ยดโ€Šใ€€โ€Šโญ’โ€‰โœฉ. โ€‰ูญ
โ€‰ โญ’ูญโœง ใ€€โ€‰โ€‰.โœฉโ€Šโ€‰๐ŸŒ‘ โ€Šโ€‰โ€Š
โ€Šโ€Š'ใ€€โ€‰โ€‰ใ€€ โ€Šใ€€โ€‰ใ€€โ€‰ใ€€โ€‰โœงโ€‰ โ€‰
โ€‰ โ€‰ โœฉ โ€Šโ€‰โ€‰'โ€Š โ€Šใ€€ใ€€โ€‰ใ€€ .โ€‰
โ€‰ โ€Š'โ€‰โ€‰โ€‰โ€Šโ€Š. โ€Šโญ’โ€‰ยดใ€€ใ€€ใ€€
.ใ€€โ€‰ ใ€€ ูญโ€‰ยดยดโ€‰ ใ€€โ€‰โœฉใ€€โญ’โ€‰
ใ€€ โœงโ€Šโœงโ€‰ใ€€ ูญโ€Š โ€‰ใ€€ โญ’โ€Šใ€€โœฉใ€€
ใ€€โ€‰ใ€€โ€Š ใ€€ โ€Šใ€€โ€Šโ€‰โ€Šใ€€ใ€€โ€Šยดโ€Š


I be like: *is emotionally distant and overall just apathetic*

HhHHHHHhHHh I apologize for this and I swear I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone just I'm not really in the realm of reality lately, I just feel to detached from everything...

I'll try to be better.

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