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actually good graphical interface based web design tools when

I have a design idea for what to do, I'm just bad at code...

I don't know why, but I feel like the single timeline interface of twitter is maybe better than the column interface of Tweetdeck and mastodon. perhaps its psychological

I might try to design a mastodon client to have a similar one post at a time timeline.

perhaps a better dm system too.

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Small biz: "We're pharmaceutical researchers curing AIDS with bleeding-edge technology."
News Coverage: ...

News Coverage:
Wired, Techcrunch, CNN, The Atlantic, Slate, New York Times, Forbes, Bitcoin Magazine, The Independent, Coindesk, Coinsquare, Breitbart, GQ, Coin Telegraph, Russia Today, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Venture Beat, Mic, Adweek, IBTimes, BBC, CNET, ZDNet, Reuters, Fox News, MarketWatch

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Im packing my bag for going out
I wanna keep stuff like tissues or an umbrella in my bag in case something ever comes up
any suggestions?

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imagine being on a platform that has "2fa" and allows "verified" accounts to get hijacked for scams

this meme made by mastodon with TOTP gang

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@crushv it's *NOT* an easy undertaking.

the best thing is setting small goals, and working your way up.

never jump straight into doing everything and believing that some artificially injected hormone (or steroid pill, whatever) will magically make you the dream person you've always wanted to be.

it's all about micro-goals. one step at a time

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imagine the last thing you hear before you die is the discord disconnect sound

scam email garbage 

scam email garbage 

oh no I've been **HACKED**!!! what will I ever do....

mailgun incoming SPF checks when

all these pyramid schemes, charitable donations, and inheritance claim emails are beginning to look intriguing

when you're so desperate for someone else to begin social interactions you begin checking your email daily for someone wanting to talk to you

there needs to be a better way of designing UI for terminal based applications

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