@slice yeah, like openvpn, i can't figure out how to set it up or do a remote access vpn at all.

@pootz i'm here because I want to support FOSS and decentralization

@BraixenIRL they still won't let me delete my account without contacting 3 friends

smiling selfie, eye contact, pls boost 

@BraixenIRL reset my config and all, reinstalled too, idk why

@hellpie i like this. wish i has a bigger screen

Hey, anyone selling a win 10 enterprise license or smth i can get in the range of 15 - 20 dollars, also, tell me if that price range is unreasonable

@hellpie I used to use Safari as a main for a while, and it's still a very very good browser. Only reason I moved away from it was extension support.

@Horizon smoke detector be like:


@JPEG I’ll do a proper bug report in a few days once I get my laptop back

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