i hate windows, i hate windows software, i need hug

how much you wanna bet it's someone asking for support with optifine-proxy

Not sure the fedi will enjoy this much as twitter did, but the code is open source (github.com/adryd325/battle-of-)

Anyways here's a cool video adryd.co/wits.mp4

@panos i did not know dms could be read by instance owners

I have no clue what the issue is here

there's nothing in iptables that I think would be causing this

I'm really not good at networking stuff

Networking always dies in my LXCs after a week or two of existing. It’s the fifth time this has happened, and all I know how to do is just delete and re-make the LXC.

@abloo @koakuma its the executable bit, but it's also used as a permission for directory listings

@abloo i have done this multiple times on the root and i have no idea how to recover from this

hey @Sir_Boops ty for your linux mirrors, they're typically the fastest for me !

what should i get if i want a privacy focused phone, but with mainstream support

@dzuk mall cops don't like me because i carry my scooter

@BraixenIRL > attempts to become food

mine does that too

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