@dzuk mall cops don't like me because i carry my scooter

@BraixenIRL > attempts to become food

mine does that too

Today's Discussion: How would you go about selecting a set of colors which optimizes accessibility, legibility and recognition; as well as still looking pleasant to the eyes?

Boosts encouraged!

I'm going to start doing daily discussions on various topics like Design, Programming, Misc computer things, Music, Etc. It would rely on your interaction to make it possible; the goal is to learn and teach.

@BraixenIRL don't you have a smart card reader on the think pad?

@BraixenIRL why? is there a practical purpose over sudo -s or are you doing it cause you put your pub key in root's authorized keys

@BraixenIRL no you don't; you literally told me you do sudo !!

@BraixenIRL i know kerri/ravens isp gives her ipv6 addresses

@slice yeah, like openvpn, i can't figure out how to set it up or do a remote access vpn at all.

@pootz i'm here because I want to support FOSS and decentralization

@BraixenIRL they still won't let me delete my account without contacting 3 friends

smiling selfie, eye contact, pls boost 

@SamanthaCayne heck ur cute

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