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got lazy of typing the same formula in math class so I just made a function to do it for me

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discord mocking shitpost, recent events [some allcaps] Show more

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my part-time job boss said all of you are valid
boost to let everyone else know you're valid

@ale I like the design you made

I cant do design well because im so focused on making everything mathematically perfect and its annoying

I kinda wanna have a go at the design thing but I don't feel like it

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happy year 5 of snowflakes (they all start with 5 now) (if you're on an EPOCH of 1420070400000ms

arch user's neofetch

neofetch --stdout | sed s/:\ .\*/:\ btw\ i\ use\ arch/g

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When you try to run more than one Electron app at once on your Macbook.

anyone have an IBM T42 that's willing to help me

if you could possibly image the recovery partition and send it to me that would be great.

hopefully themer will entice other terminal emulator developers to include functions that allow preferences to be changed via escape code or via a config file that dynamically updates

I should really work on my themer program... it will replace the whole theme script I wrote for my dotfiles

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hi can u hack my grandma's facebook? I wanna turn it into a meme page xddddd

help me with retro style websites

send examples of websites that are really old and stuff

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