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Just want to say some things.

1. You're 100% allowed to disagree with me and debate with me. I won't think of you any less If anything I'll respect you more for holding my takes to account.

2. When I express my views here. I'm not saying 'my opinion is the only opinion and you should agree with it' please disagree with me because you're probably seeing something I'm not

3. I'm not telling you what you should and should not do.

Maybe I should work on wording things better or I should take a rest for awhile.

Anyway I don't dislike any of you and It would take you a lot to make me dislike you like being a nazi.

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UKPol, voting system 

If they change the voting system, I will put all my criticisms of Keir behind and 100% vote for It. This would have a unbelievable impact on the UK and Is really needed If we want to save this country from more hardship.

Also this settings page Is awful, everything Is hidden away. I had to expand the page and that didn't even show all the settings.

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So Chrome's way to compete with Firefox's tracking protection Is to make the settings look the same but Instead of actually blocking trackers you just send more data to Google. Read the small print. You can't tell me that Google didn't try to trick people with this settings page.

has been spreading anti-LGBTQ+, hate speech and far right content. Source:

YouTube has become a place for promoting misinformation and extreme hateful views, to combat this I recommend using invidious/newpipe 100% of the time so videos don't get recommend to you and the content you view doesn't get boosted In YouTube's automatic system, so you don't have worry supporting or boosting any far right or misinformation slipping Into your sub feed.

We must make YouTube an unviable platform for content makers to upload their videos to, that way content creators will have no other choice then to find an alternative platform.

- You can fine a list of Invidious instance here:

- You can download NewPipe here:

What Is the point of bringing another re-skinned Chromium over, who Is going to physically go out their way to download this complete junk-ware? It's tricking people Into thinking there's a choice, please don't use software like this. .

UKPol Keir 

BBC News: Sir Keir said Labour deserved to lose the last election. "It’s time to get serious about winning," he said.

What a moron.

Why Labour can't win the next election. 

Let's face It, Tories will win the election again. The working class finds Boris very relatable, If Theresa May was still PM In 2019 Labour wouldn't of won but would've got a lot better result.

I think this shows that people are tired of politicians like Theresa May and David Cameron. Labour has lost the votes In the north, It's just going to keep draining away there's no point trying to save them bringing In a Labour David Cameron, It's not going to work.

Corbyn went after the young working class and the non voter, which Is the only way Labour are going to get back Into power, the reality Is most the electorate are conservatives now and you can't bring them back with a moronic centralists David Cameron copy. Corbyn's policies were not unpopular either.

I really don't like that Microsoft are just buying all the 3rd party devs, seeing as Microsoft are not shy to add microtransactions to their games and lock games behind a Microsoft account, I don't see how this can be a good thing.

Tech channels or as I like to call them mindless consumerism channels, are now begging for websites to add reCAPTCHA and ID verification bc they couldn't mindlessly per-order a PS5 or the new GPUs.

It's sad to see being discounted. From their github page they were talking about having P2P file sharing support as well.

If you could afford private heathcare instead of public, would you use It?

UK Brexit 

Gotten to the point where US politicians are talking more sense then the UK politicians we've hit a new low, the US won't even be able to do a deal with us If It's unlawful. We're fucked no one wants to deal with the UK and I don't blame them.

"What about free speech" 😭😭😭😭

Yeah It goes both ways, people have the freedom to criticize and hold your speech to account moron

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