Sad. I do not recommend you use WaterFox anymore.

Waterfox Browser Sold To Marketing Company System1

If you're going to "War" then you wouldn't use chromium

edge warning 

Whatever I find time I want to take some pictures of animals and the general outside world. Looking at these images on the fedi makes me feel a bit better

Want to move my new phone to but don't want to lose the stock camera 😑

If you enable reading mode on webpages with FireFox you can save the whole article locally. Been using this a lot It's really nice to get away from all the ads, slow down, and awful UI these news sites have


UKPol, kinda joke 

This Is why corporate media Is toxic, and why I don't think the BBC should go away completely but needs big change like this.

Very upsetting and depressing to watch, fuck the government and all the capitalist scum deforesting the rainforest . Wake up

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Just woke up from crashing out after work, It's 7.....

Valentine's day for me Is going to be crashing out after work at 1pm and waking up at 4pm feeling awful

Labour leadership election 

The EU are forcing all smart phone manufactures to use standards like USB-C,

which means all smartphones will be compatible with the same cables. Hopefully this bleeds over to the UK also, It would be expensive to make different models of phones for non EU countries

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