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Here's my private account: @SadTomato

Feel free to send a follow request. I won't allow all of them.

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I downloaded the Nocturnal theme and replaced all the green buttons with red uwu

I don't like the new "show more" buttom on the new @fedilab update and there's some theming issues but apart from that It's pretty good. :)

Still wish I could make the bar stay shown instead of being hidden away while I'm scrolling. It's a very good update though and I haven't noticed any big bugs yet after a few minutes of use.

We need an app like newpipe but for just so we can bypass the login, It's already been proven that It's possible we're just waiting on someone to develop It.

Wow has locked away the web version of behind a login. Good to see public money being put to good use...


Yep notifications are still messed up, I'm going to file a github issue In a few days, If anyone If having issues as well or knows about this issue let me know

UKpol, free Internet 

UKPol, Immigration 

Bathrooms gender 

If I ever become rich I'll build a 100% green server room for hosting decentralized open source services

I've been on the for awhile and I still do not regret deleting my account and I don't really see how I could even go back to It, looking at It from the outside looks alien to me

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